Defeat Depression – without Risky Side Effects

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We have some good news for people battling depression. It comes from Dr. Andrew Stoll who has found a new way to combat this disorder without drugs or medication.

Dr. Stoll is the director of Psychopharmacology Research for Harvard Medical School. He’s written many respected peer-reviewed articles on the subject. He also won the prestigious Klerman Research Award for his discovery.

This discovery comes from the Harvard study that he headed… which shows that depression can be treated… with a completely natural and safe mineral.

In fact, two out of three participants in the Harvard study showed huge improvements in mood. Their improvements were as good as those taking antidepressants . But without any of the risks or dangerous side effects.

Dr. Stoll has spent his career working with patients suffering from depression. Like most doctors, he used to prescribe antidepressants to combat its effects. But he became increasingly concerned by the side effects he witnessed in his patients. And he found the drugs had limited success. He observed that their benefits weakened over time… resulting in higher dosages… or other drugs. And every time he upped the dosage he knew he was increasing the risk of side effects.

He became convinced that drugs were not the solution for depression. So he began searching for a better treatment – one without risky side effects. He started to investigate natural substances that affected brain cells. And he stumbled on one natural substance concentrated in brain cells that governs mood.

A New Take on Treatment

He launched an official Harvard study to test out his theory.

“We went out on a limb to do this study,”says Dr. Stoll. “We had no funding and our colleagues ridiculed us. But the study was logical and rational. We tried it and it worked.”

In fact, it worked so well that 66 percent of study participants enjoyed full emotional recovery. There recovery was as good as – or better than – those taking antidepressants. But without any of the risks.

Further research and studies from other independent scientists support Dr. Stoll’s findings.

On Friday we’ll look at what this nutrient is. We’ll also review Dr. Stoll’s study and the emerging research further supporting that this nutrient is a key tool in combatting depression.

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