Desperate Discovery May Alleviate Alzheimer's

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It’s possible that one widely available dietary supplement may offer hope for those dealing with Alzheimer’s disease. While still in its very early stages we felt we had to share the news about this simple solution. Since it’s so new, it’s pretty unlikely you’ll have heard about it. But this simple solution may help delay – and reverse – the progression of Alzheimer’s. And because it’s a basic food… it’s totally safe and affordable.

The news comes from one “desperate” doctor whose own husband was fighting Alzheimer’s. Her expert research, combined with scientific trial and error, has revealed this possible solution.

Her name is Dr. Mary Newport. She graduated from the University of Cincinnati College of Medicine. She’s practiced medicine in Florida for over 25 years. She’s currently the medical director of Spring Hill Regional Hospital. And she’s convinced that this one simple remedy has saved her husband from total mental collapse.

One Couple’s Struggle

At age 50, Steve Newport was mentally and physically active. He used his BSBA in accounting to handle all the billing, bookkeeping, and accounting for his wife’s busy medical practice.

“He loved computers,” says Dr. Newport. “He could open comput¬ers up to repair them and fix practically any¬thing else without ever having instruction. If he did not have a tool to do something he would ‘invent’ it and make a usable proto¬type.”

It was his job to be meticulous with details and to constantly play with numbers. In addition to being mentally strong, he enjoyed loads of physical activities.

“He loved to kayak,” says Dr. Newport. “He invented an attach¬ment to keep his kayak moving in a straight line.”

On weekends he stayed active with yard work and running. He was the designated cook for the family… because he had such a flair for cooking up fancy recipes.

But one day Steve began to change.

“He began to have trouble getting organized in his accounting work,” says Dr. Newport. “He made mistakes with payroll and I be¬gan to sit with him to help him get it right.”

Dr. Newport wanted to dismiss it as just getting older… but Steve knew something was wrong. He started to have problems remembering dates. Cooking became challenging for him. And he became depressed…

Dr. Newport had no choice but to accept what was happening to her husband. She went with him to a neurologist and he took a Mini Mental Status Exam (MMSE). The results confirmed what they both knew: Steve scored 23 out of 30 – putting him on the bad side of moderate dementia.

He began taking Aricept. Then, as his health continued to decline, Namenda. By August 2007 he had moved on to Exelon.

All the time, he just got worse and worse.

“He could no longer cook for himself,” says Dr. Newport. “He couldn’t use a calculator or even perform the simplest addition. I had to give him the medications because he couldn’t remember to take them. Much less take the right pills.”

Discovering Hope

She became obsessed with finding a way to help her husband. She researched every study. Read every article. And she discovered something that everybody else had missed.

The clue was in all the studies. But the researchers had missed the point.

Dr. Newport jumped on it, testing it on her husband. The studies suggested that four teaspoons a day of one widely-available oil could combat the effects of Alzheimer’s.

So she started giving Steve eight spoonfuls each day! Over three months he began to make a startling recovery. He was regaining focus. Remembering dates. And showing documented improvements on medical exams.

Fast forward three years…

Dr. Newport reports that Steve’s latest MRI is remarkable. Instead of degenerating like he should have… Steve’s MRI shows huge mental improvements – across the board – since his first MRI five years earlier.

Dr. Newport is certain that she has her husband back for one simple reason. And that reason is coconut oil.

We reveal the studies and science behind this potential aid on Friday.

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