Combat Breast Cancer with One Simple Side Dish

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Is it possible to stop the progression of breast cancer… or prevent it from coming back?

Professor Graham Packham says it is. And the medical community is supporting his findings.

As we explained in Tuesday’s message, Prof. Packham is a leading cancer researcher in the U.K. And he’s discovered that a compound found in one vegetable can stop the progression of cancer cells in their tracks.

Packham worked with Senior Research Dietician Barbara Parry at the Winchester and Andover Breast Unit, U.K. Together they began a clinical study of a dozen women with breast cancer. They fed them daily amounts of watercress. By the end of the study, the progression in the cancer cells had been stopped. That’s because there’s a plant compound in watercress that combats cancer cells.

Sound too good to be true? Not really… You see, watercress contains a secret ingredient.

Secret Compound Key to Health

That ingredient interferes with a protein that plays a critical role in cancer growth. As tumors grow they need an ever-increasing blood supply. So they signal surrounding tissues to grow new blood vessels. Those new vessels feed the tumor with oxygen and nutrients, which are vital to its growth.

But there’s a plant compound in watercress called phenylethyl isothiocyanate (PEITC). And Packham’s work shows this compound flips a switch and blocks those signals. It starves tumors of blood and oxygen. Without that vital fuel… no further cancer cells can grow. It stops the disease from progressing or returning.

He got the same results for all the women in the clinical trial. His findings have since been peer reviewed and published in the British Journal of Nutrition and Biochemical Pharmacology.

“This research takes an important step towards understanding the benefits of this crop,” says Prof. Packham. “It shows that eating watercress interferes with a pathway that is tightly linked to cancer development.”

Watercress doesn’t cure cancer… but it can stop you from getting it. It can also prevent further tumor growth.

Eating watercress may help combat cancer. It’s totally safe – with no dangerous side effects… so it’s something that should be in every woman’s diet.

It’s easy to make it part of your diet. Prof. Packham served 80 grams of it to his patients each day. That was enough to stop all tumor growth.

Prof. Packham and his team recommend adding 80 grams of watercress to your diet each day. That’s about enough to fill a small breakfast bowl. Watercress is easy to find in your grocery store – and often comes in convenient 80 gram pre-packed cases.

Once you pick it up, simply mix it into a salad each day. Or serve it as a side to grass-fed beef, range-free poultry, or Alaskan salmon.

“Little work is being performed on the links between the foods we eat and cancer,” says Prof. Packham. “Knowing the risk factors for cancer is key. And studies on diet are an important part of this.”

Breast cancer now affects one in eight women. It’s a deadly health risk that has tripled in incidence since the 1950s. That’s why we’re dedicating the next edition of our natural health newsletter to an exciting new treatment which may combat it. We’re so impressed by this new treatment, we’ve put together a quick video to tell you more about it. Check out our new video here.

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