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Prime Performance
Prime Performance
Bio PT Elixir
Bio PT Elixir


For over 3,000 years, healers used the sacred Arjuna tree to treat everything from digestive problems to acne. But they most often prescribed it to keep the cardiovascular system healthy and strong.

Now, even though ancient healers could see that it worked…they didn’t know how it worked. They simply passed along their knowledge from generation to generation… That knowledge became the stuff of legend.

It might’ve stayed that way had modern scientists not discovered it for themselves. They found that it was the tree’s unique bark that made its healing powers legendary.  Now, breaking research from top institutions shows that arjuna may help…

  • Relax blood vessels—so they can transport life-giving oxygen to your heart, brain, and organs.
  • Support heart function during exertion and exercise—that’s when you need it most.
  • Promote endothelial cell function—these are the cells that line your blood vessels.They are critical to protecting blood vessels, circulation, and blood pressure.
  • Fight damage caused by free radicals—so you stay young, vital, and healthy.

You are only as healthy as your heart is strong.

Your heart needs to last a lifetime—preferably a long, healthy one. That’s why we’ve combined Arjuna with nine of the most effective nutrients for a robust cardiovascular system.

Together, they can help:

  • Support healthy cholesterol levels. Enjoy the complete freedom to live your life the way you want to.
  • Keep blood pressure in the healthy range. Just sit back, put your feet up, and relax knowing that you’re always in good shape.
  • Prevent damage from free radicals that can harm your heart, arteries, and blood vessels. For vibrant health that you’ll see every morning when you look in the mirror…and feel during every afternoon tennis match.

We call our new formula VitaCardio. Backed by science and groundbreaking studies, we can finally offer you the most advanced, most comprehensive, and most effective natural heart and blood pressure supplement in the world.

And for a very limited time, we’re giving you the chance to get your supply at the special launch price of just $49.95 per bottle.

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This is a sensitive topic…

About a part of your body that might not be, well, very sensitive anymore.

Men: We’re talking to you.

If your sex life has been grounded on the launch pad lately…you’re about to be cleared for lift off.

That’s because we’ve found the easy, natural, science-backed secret to:

  • Feel the surging desire for sex…
  • Spring to attention—ready to perform…
  • Keep a strong, lasting erection…
  • With the energy and stamina to send her to new heights of pleasure.

…whenever you want.

All the details are revealed right here.

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The Anti-Aging “Miracle” They Aren’t Telling You About

It may be one of the biggest anti-aging breakthroughs in decades. But once again, you’re not hearing about it on the nightly news…the Sunday paper…or even most natural health companies. Preliminary animal and in vitro research already shows how you can actually start using this discovery to improve your life today.That’s right—in the time it takes for the mainstream to catch on, you’ll already be helping your heart, supporting your brain, and rejuvenating your body cell by cell.

Just ask Mitchell A. He knows all about this well-kept anti-aging secret. And he says, “I am 68 years old and have the energy of someone half my age.”

  1. Wake up vibrant – your mind immediately clear and sharp
  2. Have boundless, natural energy that carries you throughout the entire day – no caffeine needed
  3. Attack every task on your to-do list with precision and focus
  4. Be more productive and finish each day feeling satisfied with your accomplishments
  5. Feel more positive and reeling with good energy
  6. Know that with every step you take, your body’s inner defenses are hard at work keeping you healthy

Simply by drinking a daily six-ounce glass that contains this anti-aging discovery and more.

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If you’re not getting complete support for your joints…
you’re probably taking the wrong supplements

Soothe your stiff, achy joints—GUARANTEED

Don’t sit out on that round of golf…a bike ride with the family…or anything else you enjoy because you might regret it the next day. Finally, we’ve found something that can help you keep the active life you enjoy.

Essential BioNutrients has designed a unique, new 5-nutrient joint support formula. It helps you combat years of everyday wear and tear—so your joints feel smooth, easy, and youthful.

This all-natural, science-backed breakthrough promotes…

  • Joint healthEnjoy complete confidence in this natural formula designed to keep you comfortable and active.
  • Joint comfortHit the links, work in the yard, or go for a jog without having to worry your achy joints will slow you down.
  • Joint flexibilityFeel the smooth, supple strength of a body that lets you glide through your day.

The careful formulation gets to the root of joint issues we face as we age. And provides support for the very building blocks of healthy joints.

It also helps provide relief to your overworked hands, knees, and hips. And it helps protect them from more every day wear and tear. Because no matter what your age, you’re far from done using them. And it’s not too late to give your joints the support they need.

We’re so sure that Prime Flex-5 is the answer to your issue that we back every bottle you buy with a 100% money back guarantee. If you don’t see the results you expect, simply give us a call and we’ll refund your purchase price—no questions asked.

Prime Flex-5 has everything your joints need to help them last you a long, active, and fun-filled lifetime.

Go here for more information.

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Brand New Formula Gives You Everything You Need to Support Healthy Blood Sugar Levels!

If you’re looking for a little extra support to keep your blood sugar in the normal range, you’ll want to try our brand new formula: GlucoGold.Our research team developed GlucoGold based on the latest scientific studies. That way, you have the best chance of seeing the same great results the study participants enjoyed.

GlucoGold is packed with four ingredients that offer potent blood sugar support, including an antioxidant found in spinach and broccoli… a bright-red trace element… an herb from the tropical forests of India… and a “bran cereal” super molecule.

Scientific research on these individual ingredients – which has been published in the American Journal of Therapeutics, Metabolism, and others – shows that they can help:

  • Promote healthy blood sugar levels
  • Support proper insulin response
  • Maintain healthy sugar metabolism
  • And even boost alertness and help you feel great!

We expect GlucoGold to become the new “Gold Standard” in blood sugar support. And of course, it’s fully backed by our no-questions-asked guarantee.

If you want to arm yourself with superior, research backed blood sugar support, order your supply of GlucoGold right this second!

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