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Golfers with Knee Pain Should Do This, Study Finds

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When your knees hurt, your first impulse may be to stay off of them. But a new study of golfers shows that’s exactly the wrong strategy. 

Researchers found that golfers with knee osteoarthritis are actually better off walking the course than taking a cart. 

A study at Northwestern University looked at older golfers. Some had had knee osteoarthritis and some did not.Read More

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Don’t Foot the Bill for This Podiatrist Cash Cow

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Plantar fasciitis can be extremely painful. The millions of people who suffer from the foot condition know how difficult walking can be when you have it, especially first thing in the morning.i 

If you go to a podiatrist, it’s likely you’ll be prescribed expensive, custom-made orthotic shoe inserts. 

But a new study shows they are probably a waste of money.Read More