Natural Compound in “Throw Away” Food Could Reduce Cancer Risk by 70%

…And that’s just one of seven weapons that can wipe out cancer—naturally

Cancer Cells

We all know that the flesh of citrus fruits offers loads of health‐boosting benefits. That’s because it’s stuffed with vitamins, essential minerals, and other disease‐fighting phytonutrients.

But recent research reveals that the rind of citrus fruits may be just as powerful. In fact, it could be a potent weapon against cancer. That’s because it contains a compound called d‐limonene, which has anti‐tumor traits.

Studies conducted on rats show that d‐limonene fights breast, skin, liver, and lung cancer. It works by breaking down communication between cancer cells and destroying them from within.

One study found that d‐limonene reduced tumor development by 500%. Another found that it actually reduced pancreatic cancer cells by 50%. And the University of Arizona discovered that citrus rind could cut your risk of skin cancer by 30%.

Cancer Study

However, the real news here is that when taken with black tea, skin cancer risk was slashed by over 70%! Each lab test revealed that citrus peel could reduce the size, amount, and growth of cancer cells.

You can easily find d‐limonene in supplement form. However, we have not been able to find a guaranteed organic source. This is a concern since citrus crops are widely sprayed with pesticides and fungicides. These residues build up in the peel. But there is a solution…

Adding Zest to Your Health

If you want to enjoy the proven health and disease‐fighting benefits found in the peels of organic oranges and lemons and other organic citrus fruits…buy a zester. You can sprinkle finely grated citrus peel onto salads, mix it into salsa, add it to sliced fruit, or stir it into tea.

Cancer-4people-doctorNot only will you improve the taste and flavor, but you’ll be doing your body a favor as well.

You won’t hear this kind of stuff from your doctor or oncologist. But don’t blame him. His hands are tied. He could even lose his license for recommending these safe, inexpensive alternatives to toxic cancer drugs!

Like the treatment that one Florida oncologist reported reduced tumors in 30 out of 40 stage 4 cancer patients by at least half. It wasn’t chemo. It wasn’t radiation. And it didn’t cause any side effects. Although you’ve heard of it (it’s extremely common), you probably had no idea it was such a potent weapon against cancer. That’s because the most effective health solutions—like this cancer treatment—are intentionally and systematically hidden from public view.

So we pulled the most successful studies and consulted with researchers connected to the most prominent doctors and scientists.

We just give you all the research, all the results, and all the details on how to use them yourself.

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