FDA Restricts Access to “Fountain of Youth” Secret for Over 2 Decades

Study results show fat turns to muscle… bone density increases… memory and cognitive function improves… and aging reverses as much as twenty years. 

But there’s a simple way to tap the power of this secret and feel younger… without a prescription.

By Angela Salerno

No one said a word…

The New England Journal of Medicine published the results of this age-reversing bombshell 22 years ago. But there were no front-page headlines in The New York Times. There was no mention from Tom Brokaw on NBC’s Nightly News.


But a few years later, dozens of new studies appeared. And a glowing track record made this new therapy a must-have for athletes and movie stars desperate for a dip in the “fountain of youth.”

And just when it looked like the discovery would go “mainstream,” the FDA restricted access.

But here’s the thing…

This fountain of youth compound is actually already inside your own body. Researchers were able to pinpoint it and copy it. Then they created a biologically identical substance so a body could get even more of it.  Both require a doctor’s prescription and injections. But increasing the flow of the fountain produced jaw-dropping results.

Let me tell you about one particular study from the University of Washington. Researchers gave half of a group injections of a hormone that triggers the fountain of youth compound in the body. The other half got a placebo. The study lasted five months. The people taking the “antidote” showed an improvement in overall cognition and verbal memory. It also reduced body fat by 7.4%!

And now researchers know how to naturally – and legally – ramp up your body’s production of the fountain of youth compound. It’s a way that could safely increase the fountain of youth and possibly reverse years of age damage…

WITHOUT a doctor’s visit or injections.

You see, the right combination of diet, exercise, and nutrients helps step up production of this compound. Wouldn’t you love to “trick” your body into thinking it’s 25 years old again? I mean, who wouldn’t?

That’s why I’m contacting you today. Because you can use these techniques right now to boost levels of this “fountain of youth” secret. And when you have youthful levels of this substance you could…

  • Turn pounds of unwanted fat into lean muscle.
  • Get rid of “see through skin” by restoring thickness.
  • Improve your memory and cognitive function.
  • Boost your energy and improve your mood.
  • And reverse age-related wear and tear throughout your entire body.

As unbelievable as it sounds, you can use these long-held secrets to restore your body to its leaner, firmer, more energetic form. You could even repair your aging brain and reverse existing damage to your bones.

In this video, you’ll know exactly how to access this “age rewind” for yourself. And start using it today. Check it out now.


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