Immunotherapy: Will It Cure You or Kill You?

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In your November issue of Cancer Decoded, you'll discover why immunotherapy drugs—one of the most promising cancer breakthroughs in decades—come with a major drawback: If you take the wrong one, it could kill you. We'll show you the screening that could mean the difference between a drug that beats your cancer…and one that makes it worse.

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Heat Therapy Doubles Cancer Survival

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In your October issue of Cancer Decoded, you’ll discover how one ancient therapy is saving the lives of cancer patients when modern treatments fail. The gentle heating process it uses activates your body’s natural cancer-killing forces and makes your doctor’s standard anticancer measures more effective. (And safer.) We’ll show you the science that proves it works…why the FDA wants to keep it buried…and where to find a doctor who can administer it.… Read More

Kinder, Gentler (and More Effective) Chemo

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In your September issue of Cancer Decoded, you’ll see how one man’s grim colon cancer diagnosis led to a new kind of chemotherapy…and it saved his life. Though it uses the exact same drugs, the approach couldn’t be more different. We’ll show you why it puts standard chemo to shame. (And how to find a doctor who uses it.) We’ll also reveal the hidden cancer threats lurking in your wardrobe.… Read More

Israeli Doctor Discovers Cancer’s Achilles’ Heel

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In your August issue of Cancer Decoded, you’ll see how Dr. Palti’s breakthrough led to one of the most revolutionary cancer treatments of the last two decades. This safe, effective method—known as TTFields—is helping patients overcome “death-sentence cancers.” One of them is an Olympic gold medalist who beat terminal brain cancer…and now, more than 10 years later, he calls himself “the happiest person in the world.”… Read More

Cuban Lung Cancer Drug Gives American Patients Hope

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In your July issue of Cancer Decoded, you’ll discover the breakthrough drug doubling the survival time of people with advanced lung cancer. You’ll meet the real life patients using this medicine to shock their doctors (one was given just six months to live—that was six years ago)…and learn how a little-known FDA loophole can get it in your hands years before your doctor can prescribe it.… Read More

Holy Powder: India’s Anti-Cancer Secret

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In this issue of Cancer Decoded, we’ll reveal why India’s cancer rates are just a fraction of what they are in the West…the ancient (golden) cancer-fighting secret that protects them…and the modern studies that confirm its power. Plus, renowned cancer researcher, Dr. Ajay Goel, will tell you the most potent form that you can take—and the surprising herb that makes it work even better.… Read More