Dismissed for 37 years, a few doctors have just rediscovered…

“Better-than-Chemo” Miracle Kills Cancer DEAD—Naturally

Expert declares it “borders on medical malpractice” to recommend against this natural cancer treatment! Just be prepared for the potential side effects…healthier skin, eyes and bones—to name a few.

By Angela Salerno

In 1976, when a two-time Nobel Prize winner shared evidence of a natural “cure” for cancer, the mainstream laughed him off.

Never mind the fact that the terminal patients on this treatment lived over five times longer on average than those who didn’t get it. Or that some of those patients were completely cancer-free a few years later.

Instead, the Mayo Clinic set out to prove him wrong. And they did. They “proved” this therapy didn’t work any better than the placebo. Only problem? They didn’t actually replicate the original study. They didn’t even use the same treatment…or for the same amount of time. Which means the Mayo Clinic’s “proof” doesn’t actually prove anything.

Nevertheless, people forgot about the treatment. And one of the greatest discoveries in cancer research was written off as quackery.

That is, until recently…

Eventually news of this therapy trickled down to a Tulane University-educated physician. It uses one specific natural compound to fight a whole host of common infections–and cancer.

Unlike the so-called cures you’ve probably heard of, we think this method could be better. You see, chemo destroys both cancerous and healthy cells. But in laboratory studies this natural compound destroys cancer cells…and leaves healthy ones unharmed. And after over a decade of research and study, this doctor has concluded…

This regimen is “very safe” for cancer patients.  And…it works. He says it so effective, that doctors who recommend against it are bordering on “medical malpractice!”

Now word of this practice is quietly spreading…

In fact, even though the FDA has yet to stamp its approval, chances are you’re within driving distance of a facility that offers it.

A well-respected Florida oncologist recently made his findings public at the University of Puerto Rico. He presented case studies of 40 patients with Stage 4 cancer who received this therapy. In 75 percent of the patients, tumors shrank by 50 percent—or more.

In Australia, one study noted that in people who received this nutrient for cancer and several other ailments, “the results have been spectacular, the only side effect is ‘chronic good health.’”

In this video, you’ll discover how to get all the details on the “better-than-chemo” cancer treatment. Check it out now.


“Only side effect is,
‘chronic good health.'”
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