[Men] Beware of This ED Treatment

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Guys, if you suffer from erectile dysfunction (ED), you already know that talking to someone about a ‘solution’ is sometimes more embarrassing than living with the problem!

Sure, those ads you see on TV make it seem like prescription-grade ‘fixes’ are the best way to go.

The problem is, they are riddled with side effects… and filling a prescription is downright demoralizing!

But many guys are so desperate, they are looking to alternative therapies and treatments for ED.

I’m the first one to tell you that seeking alternative therapies for any condition can be beneficial – if they are proven to be safe and effective!

Unfortunately, men are starting to flock to a new, ‘shocking’ ED treatment that looks good on the surface…

But scientists are sounding the alarm and urging guys to steer clear.

Keep reading on – I’ll shed some light on this treatment, and then, I’ll clue you in on a natural way to combat ED that doesn’t require a prescription.

Shockwave Therapy: The Dangerous New ED Treatment

Shockwave therapy – a treatment that uses soundwaves to enhance blood flow – is starting to become more popular for guys with ED.

It doesn’t require the use of a pill, which makes it appealing to many men. But scientists at UCLA say this treatment is more than meets the eye.

According to a new report, shockwave therapy is primarily performed by NON-urologists – which is like getting a heart test done by a podiatrist.

And the American Urology Association classifies the therapy as ‘investigative,’ and recommend that more research be done.

In other words, there is A LOT more that needs to be done before the masses start flocking to shockwave therapy.

But, even if you have ED, it doesn’t mean you are stuck fighting the problem with a prescription.

Consider looking at a maca supplement, instead.

The maca plant, known scientifically as Lepidium meyenii (and sometimes referred to as Peruvian ginseng), grows high in the Andes Mountains of central Peru and has long been considered a natural ‘aphrodisiac.’

One study found that taking 1,200 mg of maca twice per day REDUCED erectile dysfunction in men after just 12 WEEKS!

If you have ED – or are currently taking any medications for it – be sure to talk to you doctor about maca before supplementation.