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Coconut Oil’s Bad Rap 

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Cyanide is a poison.  

Arsenic is a poison.  

Rattlesnake venom is a poison.  

But coconut oil?  

One medical professor thinks so. She called it “pure poison” and “one of the worst things you can eat.”i 

And she’s not alone. Mainstream doctors have long warned that coconut oil is bad for your heart.  

Is Coconut Oil “Pure Poison”? 

But before you toss out your coconut oil, you should consider mainstream medicine’s history when it comes to saturated fats. 

For decades, doctors warned us that foods high in saturated fat like coconut oil, butter, meat, and eggs were the main cause of heart disease, American’s deadliest illness. 

This led to the low-fat diet movement.ii 

Supermarket shelves became filled with products like fat-free frozen yogurt… fat-free muffins… fat-free cookies. The formula was simple: take out the fat and add sugar.iii 

Spurred on the American Heart Association and other mainstream groups, millions of Americans went on low-fat diets in an effort to lose weight and prevent heart disease. 

But a strange thing happened. 

Instead of getting thinner, Americans got fatter. And they suffered heart disease at higher rates than ever. 

A few maverick scientists then began to question the conventional wisdom that saturated fat was unhealthy. 

They performed new studies and re-examined old ones. Finally, three respected cardiologists did the largest review ever of data on saturated fat.iv 

Their conclusion?  

“The evidence suggests no association between saturated fat and heightened risk of cardiovascular disease, diabetes, or death.” 

They went on to say, “Despite popular belief among doctors and the public, the conceptual mode of dietary saturated fat clogging a pipe is just plain wrong.”v 

Instead of cutting saturated fat, the best way to prevent heart disease is to reduce inflammation by exercising and eating “real” foods, not processed ones, they said. 

But some mainstream doctors are having a hard time adjusting. Such is the case with the medical professor’s over-the-top warning about coconut oil.vi 

The fact is, coconut oil is one of the healthiest oils. It contains medium chain triglycerides that are linked to lower risk of Alzheimer’s, a stronger immune system, and lower body fat. 

And it actually raises good HDL cholesterol.vii 

Use it for low-heat cooking, in baking, or add it to smoothies. 

Be sure to buy cold-pressed, organic brands to get the most health benefits. 

Coconut Cocoa Tea for One 

Try this delicious tea recipe featuring coconut oil as a healthy afternoon pick-me-up… 

1 tea bag of your favorite tea 

1 tablespoon unsweetened cocoa powder 

1 tablespoon cream 

1 teaspoon coconut oil 

Pour boiling water over tea bag. Let steep for two to three minutes. Remove tea bag. Add remaining ingredients and stir.viii 

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