I have actually been using Bio PT Elixir for a couple of years now

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I have actually been using Bio PT Elixir for a couple of years now. The best way to find out how well a product works is stop taking it! This was not done intentionally. Due to much brain fog and paperwork I did not reorder the product even though I meant to.

Lucky for me an email was sent with a special offer and I reordered Bio PT Elixir. I take it every morning without fail. I swear this gets me through a very hectic day of work and the additional hours needed to maintain a home with 2 dogs. I do believe this keeps me going and has a tremendous impact on my health in a positive way. Overall I would say I have excellent health and believe Bio PT Elixir contributes to this.

There is nothing I would change or add to this product.

– Margaret Burlington


  1. Are there any coupons or a smaller amount I can try? Due to loss of job, special needs child and some major health care expenses over the last 2 years, I’m finding it almost impossible to have any thing “extra”.

    I know this isn’t your issue/problem, but we are so strapped that there are weeks I haven’t been able to even buy groceries and have tried to make due with whatever is in the cabinets.

    1. Have you contacted your State Social Worker for your special needs child and Food Stamps for the family?

  2. Oh it works so well she forgot to reorder!!
    Not much of a recommendation

  3. I was on a “Power” drink (a competitor?} and tried the Elixir. Results? I gave the remainder of the power drink to a friend and got 3 c containers of the Elixir! I now have two left, and all I have to say is “WOW!”

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