Finally, The First Step Toward Agelessness Is Here!

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Imagine living to be over 100 years old while maintaining all the strength and vitality you had when you were in your 30s. Leading a rich, active life, enjoying new hobbies and pursuits, playing outdoors with your great-grandchildren . . . all without having to worry about age-related conditions like heart disease, chronic illness, fading mental powers, impotence, eyesight and hearing loss, low energy, weak, inflexible muscles and joint pain.

Now imagine being able to do this without taking a lot of dangerous prescription drugs, undergoing complicated surgery, or making repeated trips to the hospital.

Today, I’ll tell you why this is no longer a distant possibility. It’s becoming reality, and you and I can play a role. Science has cracked the code of aging. You’ll soon be able to use this science to enjoy the power of youth no matter what your age with a simple, completely safe, natural treatment — in a single tablet.

This cutting-edge anti-aging supplement is called TA-65.

To explain how it works, I’m going to tell you some of what we’ve learned over the past 20 years about why people get old in the first place. I’ll also explain the difference between “anti-aging” and life extension. They’re not the same thing. Anti-aging isn’t about just adding years to your life. It’s about preserving your youth.

Grow Younger Instead of Older

Not long ago I met a group of specialists at an anti-aging conference who’d done some pioneering work in an area of genetics I’ve been following for years. They described a plant-based compound they’d discovered that can slow the aging process dramatically and even reverse some of its consequences. And the underlying science they used to explain it jibed with what I’d learned through my own work in anti-aging.

So after learning more about their research, I decided to take a trip to their offices in New York and see for myself. I met personally with the head of the company and looked over the study they conducted with a group of men between the ages of 60 and 85 using this new concentrated extract.

The results were astonishing. After six months of treatment, a significant number of the men studied showed remarkable transformation across a range of age-related conditions, including:

  • Boosting immune strength
  • Significantly improving eyesight
  • A newly restored, robust sex life
  • Youthful, radiant skin

I was so convinced by the results that I signed up to begin TA-65 treatment myself in the coming months. I also received permission from TA Sciences, the company that holds the patent on the treatment, to use TA-65 as part of my anti-aging medical practice. I am the first doctor in the United States to sign an agreement to license and provide it to my patients — including you.

Unlock the Genetic Secrets of Aging

Bear with me for a moment to walk through a bit of the science. The conclusion is going to knock your socks off…

You already know that your cells reproduce by dividing in two. From the moment of conception until the final minutes of life, the trillions of cells in your body are regenerating through this process.

Over the course of your early years, your cells continue to divide at will with little change in overall health and longevity. This is how the growth process unfolds: your body is constantly rebuilding, repairing, and renewing itself.

What had experts stumped for decades was why cells in older folks dividing by the exact same process — started slowing down over time, eventually stopped dividing . . . and died.

Think about it: if the physiological process of cell division doesn’t change over your lifetime, shouldn’t new cells look and function the same regardless of your age?

But they don’t. You can tell the difference between a newly divided “old” cell and a newly divided “young” one just by looking at them under a microscope. Each new cell is not an exact copy of its parent cell. This is how we age. Still, the reason why remained a mystery.

The answer emerged slowly over the last half a century. The first breakthrough came in 1965, when a geneticist named Leonard Hayflick discovered that most cells only divide about 80 times, then slow down and die.1

This became known as the “Hayflick limit.” He proved there’s an “internal clock” that carefully ticks off the rate of division among all the trillions of cells in your body.

Not only that: this mysterious clock appears to “tell” each cell when to start functioning less and less efficiently . . . and when to launch a “programmed” death. It’s as if your whole lifespan is repeated in miniature at the cellular level.

Hayflick’s discovery had important implications for the field of anti-aging. His work suggested that there is a mechanism inside every cell that determines longevity.

Suppose you could somehow “tinker” with this internal clock, slow it down or put on the brakes? This seemed possible at least in theory. But we still hadn’t found out exactly where the cells’ “internal clock” is or how it works.

It was finally discovered 25 years later. The prestigious journal Nature published a groundbreaking article in 1990 that introduced the world to an explanation of the genetic mechanism that involves something called the “telomere.”2

Telomeres are small stretches of protein “caps” at the ends of every cell’s DNA. They are represented here graphically:


DNA is made up of two “strands” of long sequences of genes. As you can see, they take the shape of what’s called a “double helix” — sort of like a spiral staircase. They contain all your genetic material.

The telomeres act like the plastic fittings at the end of your shoelaces. They were previously known only for their role in healthy gene function because they keep the ends from “fraying.”

What the authors published in Nature was the new realization that the telomere is alsoyour biological clock. Each time your cells divide, a small end portion of the telomere is not copied, making your telomeres get shorter and shorter over time. Each new generation of cells has a slightly shorter telomere than its parent did. Further research confirmed it.3 Telomeric length is now known as the marker of a given cell’s age.

And, it turned out that telomeres are more than just “counters” that tick off your cell’s age. They also govern the aging process. As they shorten with each new division, they cause the chromosome to fold differently, exposing a different portion of your genome. This is how you can be so different at 72 than you were at 2. You have the same genes. But… you are transcribing or reading a different combination of genes as you age. This process eventually signals to your cells to “grow old,” stop dividing and that cell line dies off.

Later studies revealed even more promising discoveries. Researchers showed that telomeric length for certain types of cells stays the same.4 For example, some cancer cells do not lose any of their telomeres as they divide. They are technically “immortal,” and this is one of the reasons why they wreak such havoc on the body. They can keep dividing without losing any genetic material, until they finally take over.

The question remained — is there a safe way that we can maintain telomere length as your cells divide over time? We now know the answer is yes.

Reset Your Biological Clock

Over ten years ago, I learned about a biotech company called Geron Corporation. They’ve taken what we know about the telomere and explored the possibility of manipulating its length in order to stop cells from aging. Ever since they were founded in 1990, they’ve remained at the cutting edge of telomere biology.

The next amazing step in the science occurred when Geron researchers found that the key to anti-aging lies in an enzyme your body makes called “telomerase.” It can take control of the aging process by rebuilding the end of your telomeres to remain the same length with each new cell division.

We all have the gene to make telomerase, but it’s switched off.

They were exploring the possibility of inserting a gene for telomerase into aging cells or developing a drug to turn on the gene for telomerase when they hit upon a natural compound that turns on telomerase and rebuilds an aging telomere.

It comes from an ancient Chinese herb that grows in temperate northern climates. It turns out that the herb astralagus contains small amounts of a molecule named TA-65 that throws the switch on the gene that makes telomerase.

The problem is, you can’t just take astralagus and stop aging. You need a highly concentrated form of TA-65 as an extract. It has to be pure, free of toxins, and only comes from certain species of the plant.

Geron’s licensed the product to a company I’m working with. They have found it in a small region of China. They harvest tons of plants from a few select farms, each of which contains twice the normal concentration of TA-65.5 Through a unique extraction process, they’ve found a way to isolate this miraculous anti-aging molecule in its purest form and then test it for any heavy metals, pesticides, or other toxins.

The end product is TA-65 extract that’s over 90% pure.

This is the foundation for this momentous anti-aging opportunity. We’ve created a 12-month course of therapy for use in a system we call the Patton Protocol.6

I’ve also secured a contract to use a new technology to measure your telomere length over the course of the treatment. You’ll be able to literally see your cells “grow young.”

There is absolutely nothing else like this treatment in the world today. You can, with me, be the first. It is a revolution that will change the way we think about aging and revolutionize the field of anti-aging for years to come.

That’s why I’ve decided to undergo the treatment myself — and offer it to my patients.

Slow Aging–Right Now

Keep your homocysteine levels in check. Homocysteine is an amino acid that accumulates in your tissues. It’s a natural byproduct of cell metabolism — think of it as a “waste product.” If your homocysteine levels are high, you’re at greater risk for Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, heart disease, and impotence.

There’s a reason why: researchers have found that people with high homocysteine levels tripled the amount of telomere length that was lost during cell division.7 No wonder it’s linked to so many age-related diseases.

You can measure your homocysteine levels with a simple blood test. And you can lower homocysteine naturally, without drugs. Here’s what you should take to keep it in check. You can find these nutrients at most health food stores or in my own homocysteine blocking formula.

(Amounts are daily)
Vitamin B12 – 500 mcg
Folic Acid – 800 mcg
Vitamin B6 – 25 mg
Riboflavin (B2) – 25 mg
TMG (trimethylglycine) – 500 mg


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