"Longevity Gene" Turns Science’s Understanding of Aging on Its Head

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What if your ticket to lifelong health and youthfulness was hiding right in plain sight?

I’m talking about a compound that may be the key to enjoying vibrant health and vitality well into your 70s, 80s, and 90s… Even well into your 100s.

You likely already know the name of this compound. You may already know that it’s good for you. But what you may not know is that many people believe it holds the power to dramatically improve your health and extend your life.

Aging has been a mystery for thousands of years. But one Harvard-trained biologist has gotten us closer to the answer than ever before.

Leonard P. Guarente is the Novartis Professor of Biology at MIT. His research has been published in Science, Nature, Cell, and other respected journals. In 2003, he authored Ageless Quest: One Scientist’s Search for Genes That Prolong Youth. Back in 1995, his research began with a simple question: Why do living things age?

He began by looking at individual baker’s yeast cells. (Yeast has been used in genetic and biology research for years because it is easily manipulated in a lab setting.) He wanted to find cells with unusually long life spans to see if he could find a gene responsible for their longevity. His search uncovered a gene known as SIR2.

When Dr. Guarente added an extra copy of the SIR2 gene to a yeast cell, the cell’s life span expanded by 30 percent.

Adding extra copies of SIR2 increased life span in more than just yeast. The gene increased longevity in roundworms, fruit flies, and mice… Sometimes increasing life span by as much as 50 percent.

Dr. Guarente looked for the SIR2 gene in other organisms. It was present in every life form he studied.

“The role of Sir2-related gene products in aging appears to be universal,” Dr. Guarente wrote in a June, 2011 issue of The New England Journal of Medicine.

How to Activate Your Own “Longevity Gene”

Dr. Guarente had pinpointed the SIR2 gene and its ability to extend life span. But he and other scientists wanted to find out how to activate SIR2 without genetic intervention.

Until the last decade or so, there has been only one proven way to extend life span.

This method was to drastically restrict caloric intake. In 1935, biochemist Clive McCay of Cornell University showed that calorie restriction was the key to longevity.

In every species studied, calorie restriction was able to extend life and delay age-related functional decline.

But there’s a big problem with calorie restriction: It’s unreasonable. Most people – even those who long to experience good health and vitality for decades to come – would be unable to restrict their calories to the necessary level.

That’s why some of the scientists at the forefront of aging research are taking matters into their own hands. Dr. Leonard Guarente, Dr. David Sinclair (Harvard Medical School’s Director of the Glenn Laboratories for the Biological Mechanisms of Aging), and Dr. Christoph Westphal (a Harvard-trained M.D. and geneticist) are trying to develop a drug that activates the SIR2 gene.

Their research is promising. We’re sure to see exciting developments from their company, Sirtris, in the coming years.

But emerging evidence shows there may be a way you can activate the SIR2 gene… slow the aging process… and live a longer, healthier life…

Without expensive and experimental genetic intervention. Without waiting on new “anti-aging” drugs to come to market. And without suffering through a severely restrictive diet.

Could This Be the Secret to Lifelong Youth?

What if you could enjoy youthful health and stave off age-related degeneration by simply adding one thing to your daily regimen?

I’m talking about the “youth-prolonging” compound I mentioned earlier.

One scientist who has devoted much of his career to researching this compound calls it “as close to a miraculous molecule as you can find.”

Preliminary research in animals shows that this all-natural substance may:

  • Help slow the aging process, increase lifespan, and prevent certain types of age-related degeneration (finally, a chance to be younger longer!)
  • Promote healthy cell division
  • Keep your cardiovascular system strong and healthy – so you can rest easy knowing your ticker is taken care of
  • Support healthy brain tissue and function – to help keep you of sound mind as you age

And this is just the beginning. Science is only now starting to understand the far-reaching health implications this unique compound could hold.

Take Steps to Enjoy Youthful Vitality for the Rest of Your Life – Starting Now

You can get small amounts of this life-extending substance in everyday foods. Blueberries, grapes, and peanuts are good sources. So is dark chocolate. You can also get this youth-prolonging compound in red wine and a tea made from the Japanese knotweed.

You can also get your hands on this natural phenomenon right now.

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