The End of Aging? Recent Discoveries in the New Science of Telomeres

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In your June issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover why long telomeres—the protective endcaps on our chromosomes—are the most important factor for adding healthy, active years to your life. You’ll find out how our founder, Mark Ford, used this knowledge to reverse his biological clock by more than 10 years... And why one prominent CEO fled the U.S. to perform a life-extending telomere experiment on herself that nobody else would. You’ll have access to our unique Telomere Extension Protocol. It’s a science-backed, nine-step guide for reversing your cellular age and living longer. You’ll find out which two tests (you don’t even need your doctor for one of them) determine how healthy your telomeres really are… And the only supplement proven by studies to make your telomeres longer.

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