Give Father Time the Finger: Regain the Stamina, Flexibility, and Healing Power You Had as a Child

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In your March issue of Independent Healing, we reveal how to get in the best shape of your life—at any age—without setting foot in a gym… And how you can “play” your way back to your childhood levels of fitness. You’ll discover how the three most important components of fitness can reverse a decade—or more—of aging… And why you’ll never get this benefit from most conventional exercise. We’ll also tell you how jogging causes your heart to self-destruct… And why running like a kid boosts your heart’s pumping power. Plus, we’ll show you our proprietary Child’s Play Evolutionary Fitness Protocol. It’s your three-step blueprint for getting the body nature designed you to have—and adding healthy years to your life. We even give you the only “workout” plan you’ll need for the rest of your life. You’ll also find out simple ways to protect your family from tainted tap water (it’s NOT just Michigan residents who are in danger)… The five-minute secret to finding out if your doctor is “on the take” from Big Pharma… And why scientists believe they just discovered the brain’s “ground zero” for Alzheimer’s disease. We also speak with one of America’s top integrative doctors, Erika Bradshaw, M.D. She’ll reveal why building stronger bones begins in your stomach… And the seven most critical supplements for better bone health.

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