[CONFIRMED] The Conspiracy to Impeach President Trump

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We all saw it coming…

From the moment Donald Trump took the lead on Election Day, Democrats have been in a nonstop meltdown.

Grown men wept for crooked Hillary Clinton…

Crowds of sore losers chanted “not my president” in the streets…

And who could forget the violence that led to 230 arrests in downtown Washington on inauguration day?1

Of course, none of these things stopped President Trump from creating over a million jobs and delivering on his promises to the American people. There hasn’t been a Washington witch-hunt, congressional testimony, or ridiculous accusation in the fake news media that could stop him from making American great again.

Make no mistake about it… President Trump is the Washington elite’s worst nightmare. Unlike the Clintons, he can’t be bought. And unlike Obama, he doesn’t want to be part of their club.

But he did make one major mistake… one that could lead to the most powerful—and secretive—group in all of Washington kicking him out of the White House.

What did he do?

President Trump’s Secret War

At his first press conference as president-elect, Donald Trump declared war on these people for robbing decent Americans like us of our hard-earned money… and putting our lives in danger.

His message was clear:

“[This] industry is disastrous . . . they’re getting away with murder.”2

It didn’t take long for his words to hit them where it hurts… their wallet. Their stock prices took a nosedive in a matter of hours.3

And they didn’t like that one bit.

These guys people aren’t used to losing… especially when you consider they had unlimited power under Obama. He let them bleed us dry!

But not President Trump. He has them terrified… and now they’re getting desperate.

Washington Elite Swears Revenge

Here’s the thing… They’ll do anything to stop President Trump from making America great again. Even if that means putting your health in their crosshairs…

But as we discovered, getting rid of Donald J. Trump is just the first phase of an even bigger—and much more disturbing—conspiracy.

DC insiders have tipped us off to what they’re calling “Directive 25.” It’s a major threat to your life and liberty. And now, our team of investigators has risked everything to expose it to patriots like you.

We’ve put the shocking details into an uncensored video that reveals this sinister plot in its entirety. And you can watch it right now, for free.


A word of warning… This presentation is very controversial. There’s a good chance the Washington elite will do everything they can to remove it from the web…

But it’s critical that you see it—and discover the truth. That’s because “Directive 25” won’t just rip President Trump from the White House… It will put 1 in 3 seniors for a fate worse than death.

Go HERE for all the details.

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