Neurogenesis: The Secret to Lasting Brain Health

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In your September issue of Independent Healing, you’ll discover the secret to growing new brain cells. It’s called neurogenesis. For decades, prominent scientists said it was impossible. But modern research confirms it isn’t just real—it’s the key to saving your brain from memory loss. We’ll share our proprietary Brain Builder Protocol. It reveals the seven simple steps—you can do them all at home—to creating an unlimited supply of quality brain cells. Like the ultimate brain food that sets the table for cell generation (with just two servings a week)… And how binge-watching a new TV show one night a week may save—not rot—your brain. You’ll also find out the truth about gluten sensitivity and why it’s shocking doctors… Why 30% of people diagnosed with Alzheimer’s may actually have this reversible, easy to treat condition—and how to fix it… And the natural supplement that can help you lose 15 pounds of body fat in the next year—without any extra effort.

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