‘It Gave Me Back My Future’

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In your June issue of Cancer Decoded, you’ll discover the new prostate cancer screening that puts the “big two” tests to shame. It doesn’t rely on your doctor’s opinion. And it’s far more accurate than the PSA test. One study found that 80% of men who get it are saved from needless surgery or radiation. You’ll see exactly how to get it for yourself.

We’ll also show you how “superblood”—the most exciting new breakthrough in cancer treatment—starves tumors to death… Even in deadly pancreatic cancers. One study shows that “superblood” treatment allows pancreatic cancer patients to live 43% longer than those getting conventional chemo. We’ll tell you how to find out if you’re eligible for treatment—and where you can get it.

Finally, we’ll bring you the most urgent developments in cancer prevention and treatment from around the world…like the “little blue pill” for men that fights 12 different types of cancer…the test that can predict—with 84% accuracy—if your chemo treatment will be a success…and the late-night bedroom activity linked to prostate and breast cancers.


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