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The Secret Salt That’s Death to Cancer

REVEALED BELOW: the real reason cancer kills (it’s not what you think)…and the only treatment—it costs just $1-a-day—that reverses this little-known factor.
So why haven’t you heard of it?

“It’s been over two years since I took any, I am now healthier than I’ve been since I can remember. And my doctor’s report is this: ‘No evidence of cancer.’ (They think they ‘cured’ me!)”

— Cancer survivor Julie Fine

Dear Reader,

It’s called galloping breast cancer.

And, well, it’s just as terrifying as it sounds. It certainly wasn’t what 58-year-old publishing mogul Kathy Kellman wanted to hear from her oncologist.

She’d had a scan at her annual check-up. Everything was fine. Then, six weeks later, out of nowhere…

Kathy’s doctor told her she had stage 4 “galloping” breast cancer. That means the cancer was racing through her body at a breakneck pace.

Her doctors gave her six weeks to live.

Thankfully, Kathy had read about an under-the-radar cancer remedy. It’s a special type of salt that’s shunned by the mainstream medical community here in the U.S. Yet it has perhaps MORE verified, scientific studies backing it up than any other “alternative” cancer treatment. (You’ll hear more about that research in just a moment.)

So, Kathy refused chemotherapy and opted for this solution along with radiation for one of her many tumors.

It worked. A year after her predicted death date, she was in remission.

And she’s not the only one…

George Teller was 45-years-old when he was diagnosed with metastatic prostate cancer. He was in absolute agony. Yet returned to his normal life after using this treatment.

Then there’s Julie Fine.

Her doctors had been treating her metastatic uterine cancer for five years without success. It had spread all the way up to her neck. She reported online that she tried this secret salt… After only a week, she felt the neck tumors dissolving.

And things only got better from there.

As of her most recent update she said, “It’s been over two years since I took any, I am now healthier than I’ve been since I can remember. And my doctor’s report is this: ‘No evidence of cancer.’ (They think they ‘cured’ me!)”

Yet you won’t hear a peep about it from the mainstream. This cancer-destroying salt makes sense…but it makes no profit. Just one round of chemo costs the same as a 10-YEAR supply of this treatment.

And—unlike chemo—which withers and wastes patients away—this solution helps people gain weight, increases appetite, provides pain relief, and even improves mood.

It’s no wonder the former head of cell chemistry at the National Cancer Institute declared it, “The most remarkable anticancer agent I have come across in my 45 years of experience.”

In a moment, you’ll discover the sheer amount of peer-reviewed research confirming this compound works (in respected journals like the LancetOncology, and Nutrition and Cancer).

And—most important of all—you will see how you could access it for yourself or a loved one.

“A New Type of Chemotherapy”

Just looking at it, it doesn’t seem very special—a white, powdery substance. Not much different than table salt.

But I’m not talking about a simple salt you add to your meals. This compound has a different chemical structure entirely. And is one of the greatest cancer breakthroughs in history…

Because it attacks the disease in a very unique way.

You know how people with cancer get extremely thin and frail when they’re sick?

Well, more often than not, that’s what kills them. Not the tumors. Their bodies literally starve themselves to death feeding the cancer.

It’s a lethal side effect that nobody ever talks about. Yet according to some experts, this “wasting syndrome” is responsible for up to 73% of all cancer deaths.

And this compound is the only way we know of to reverse it. No drug can.

In the 1970s, Dr. Joseph Gold—founder of the Syracuse Research Institute—developed this therapy and published his early study results in the journal Oncology.

He administered the salt to cancerous rats. And sure enough, they stopped wasting away. Their tumors shrank. Some tumors disappeared entirely—prompting Dr. Gold to launch a massive crusade to get other physicians to try it. 

He told of one such doctor who said, “I have a patient with terminal Hodgkins disease who will certainly die in three or four days. I’d like to try this.”

Sure enough, after working with Dr. Gold on a protocol, this patient was “up and about” in a few weeks.

Soon more stories like this started flooding in.

Cancer victims, who had been withering away, back on their feet in no time, gaining weight, living life. Like Ellen Shaw who had been “flat on her back” with cancer, then two weeks after treatment, was spending a good part of the day outside tending to her garden. All thanks to this compound.

So Dr. Gold pressed on. In one of his early human studies, this salt reversed the “wasting process” responsible for most cancer deaths. About 70% of patients saw improvements such as weight gain, increase in appetite, more strength, and pain relief.

For some patients, it outright shrank their tumors.

The results were so spectacular that Dr. Gold declared it “a new type of chemotherapy” that works on “virtually all types of cancer.”

During another clinical trial—a randomized, placebo-controlled, human study, the gold standard of research—published in the Journal of Clinical Oncology, it increased the survival time of end-stage lung cancer patients when combined with chemotherapy.

You’d think a breakthrough like this would be the first line of defense in the war on cancer. But thanks to the mainstream medical mafia, that never happened…

Cured Deadliest Brain Cancer

When the U.S. government’s National Cancer Institute conducted its own studies on the treatment, they declared it worthless. But it’s no surprise why…

The researchers broke modern medical research ethics by allowing subjects to take drugs they knew would interfere with the secret salt! The study was seriously flawed to say the least.

But a handful of in-the-know Americans, like Joe Campbell—a university professor—refused to give in.

He said, “I am appalled by the National Cancer Institute’s claim that [this compound] has little or no effect on cancer treatment.”

And he would know. Professor Campbell had one of the deadliest forms of brain cancer: glioblastoma multiforme. The survival rate with traditional therapies is about 1%.

With very little to lose, he turned to this white powder instead. Joe credits it with destroying his cancer and saving his life.

So why did the NCI ignore his and other life-saving results?

A $125 Billion-Dollar Threat

Is it because one of the lead researchers of the NCI study was the principal investigator of a competing drug from Bristol Myers Squibb…at the same time?

Is it because this compound is easy to obtain? Or because it can’t be patented…and only costs $1 a day, which makes it a threat to the trillion-dollar pharmaceutical interests? The same ones who wield tremendous power in Washington…

Know this: The drug industry employs three lobbyists for every single member of the U.S. House of Representatives.

And keep in mind, the National Cancer Institute is funded primarily by the government.

Not only that, but the NCI alone doesn’t have the resources to conduct research studies. So it collaborates with—you guessed it—Bad Pharma for almost all of its trials!

The sad reality is that when it comes to cancer research, money talks.

And chemo, radiation, drugs…that’s a $125 billion-a-year industry we’re talking about…an industry that is widely promoted to doctors, universities, and the public.

So of course they never tell you about a dollar-a-day cancer killer. No matter how many lives it’s saved.

Which is why I had to get this message out to you the moment we had all of our research compiled…

Shrinks Tumors in Only Six Weeks

Hi. My name is Amanda Angelini.

I’m the director of the independent research organization, The Institute for Natural Healing. We are a 280,000-strong alliance of researchers, doctors, and health-seeking people like you. 

Our mission is to seek out the most promising cures and treatments from around the world, backed by solid research and scientific studies.

Because we’re outside the influence of the medical establishment, no one can control what we tell you. That way we’re free to bring these breakthroughs to people who need them. Breakthroughs like this secret salt.

You see, while the research here in the U.S. may have hit a brick wall, it just kept gaining traction internationally.

According to multiple, credible reports, scientists at the Petrov Research Institute of Oncology in St. Petersburg showed that this substance worked for more than half of late-stage subjects. These were patients with very little hope…who’d tried conventional treatments. And hadn’t responded.

Soon after, these Russian researchers conducted another study on patients with brain tumors. Sure enough, 63% of the subjects experienced significant relief from neurological symptoms—like headaches, intracranial pressure, seizures, sensory and motor disorders…and more…

These same Russian scientists next tested it on 233 patients.

65% of the advanced-stage cancer patients saw improvements like increased appetite and strength. In other words, the salt was reversing the wasting process responsible for most cancer deaths.

Not only that, but for some patients, the compound ate away at the actual cancer and reduced tumor size.

Like Anna Rabinovich…a 63-year-old woman with lung cancer. She could barely swallow her food, had lost a terrifying amount of weight, and was coughing up blood, according to reports.

But just two weeks after starting this therapy, her tumors were shrinking. Her appetite came back. Her cancer was disappearing. And without side effects.

Encouraged by the results, the researchers decided to go even bigger for their next study. This next one involved 740 patients.

The scientists concluded that this salt “provided relief of a wide spectrum of cancer symptoms.” They determined that it:

  • Halts the growth of tumors in animals
  • Is relatively nontoxic…especially compared to regular chemotherapy
  • Helps control the spread of cancer in humans
  • Improves mood

And reverses cancer’s deadliest effect.

I’ll show you exactly how in a minute. Like I mentioned earlier, it attacks cancer unlike anything else. And it’s the reason this compound is so effective at fighting even late-stage cancer.

But it’s important to take it the right way.

And that’s why my research team here at INH has put together a special report called The Forbidden Compound That’s Death to Cancer.

Today you can get this eye-opening report for free. You’ll see how in a moment. But I do urge you to hurry. This information is highly sensitive.

By claiming your report today, you’ll discover the dosages found in scientific studies to be most beneficial…when to take it…for how long (you’ll need to take a two-week break after a certain amount of time)…and other crucial details…

For example, there are certain prescriptions you’ll need to avoid. There are some common over-the-counter drugs as well (like Claritin) and even some vitamins.

Not only that, there are also some foods you shouldn’t eat. Things like pickles, fava beans, soy sauce. So if you or a loved one decide to try this treatment, you’ll need to steer clear of them. Your report includes a detailed list of foods to avoid.

But most important of all, you’ll find out how to cheaply, legally, and safely get this potent cancer-fighter for yourself.

And I do mean potent. As I mentioned earlier, this is the only treatment we know of that reverses cancer’s deadliest effect. Let me explain…

The Real Reason Cancer Kills

There’s a vicious cycle that fuels cancer. It looks something like this…

Step 1) Glucose feeds cancer cells

Step 2) The cancer cells create lactic acid

Step 3) The lactic acid is converted into glucose

And then the glucose feeds the cancer to create more cancer cells that create more lactic acid that create more glucose…it goes on and on!

The end result of all of this is the wasting syndrome I mentioned earlier. The one responsible for up to 73% of all cancer deaths. And it’s exactly what it sounds like—the extreme loss of muscle, weight, and appetite. Of course, it also leaves you wide open to fatal complications.

But the compound I’ve been telling you about stops your body from converting the lactic acid into glucose so that this cycle never kicks off in the first place.

A UCLA study published in the journal Cancer, showed that it helped 83% of patients maintain or gain weight.

Author and alternative health expert Ralph Moss, Ph.D. explains, “Unlike most anti-cancer agents, which have been discovered by trial and error, [this substance’s] use was the end result of a series of logical deductions—a rational quest for a specific type of therapy.”

He also tells of…

…the 62-year-old patient with cervical cancer, in the final stages of wasting away. She wasn’t expected to live. But after trying this solution, she gained weight, got back on her feet, and out of the hospital.

And that’s not all. This treatment we’ve uncovered doesn’t necessarily have to be an “alternative.” If you have cancer and have decided on chemo, it can be used along with conventional methods.

For example? Alexander P. was a 40-year-old man with late-stage Hodgkin’s. He’d suffered through 10 mainstream treatments back-to-back with no success. 10!  So his doctors put him through a course of the secret salt protocol, then back on the chemo and, suddenly…he went into total and complete remission.

You’ll discover more of these success stories when you claim your free report The Forbidden Compound That’s Death to Cancer.

But, more important than anything, you’ll find out how to get your hands on this powerful and effective solution right here in the USA.

  • You’ll be surprised when you discover the 100% legal loophole that allows you to buy this treatment online.
  • There are two forms of this compound available. We tell you which one to get and which one to avoid. This is important.
  • We also identified two reputable manufacturers who sell this supplement. One of the options is even “medical-grade.” And don’t forget, it costs about $1 a day.

But I cannot stress this enough…time is very much of the essence. There is no telling how long we can keep this information online.

Now, I can’t say for sure that this treatment is right for you. But I do believe that you have every right to at least know what your options are.

And since you’ve followed along this far, you already understand that true alternatives do exist. This is proven, safe, and inexpensive. We’re talking real science…real doctors…real people cured.

In a moment, I’ll show you how to get access to this cutting-edge research, free of charge.

Before I do, please allow me to fully introduce my organization: The Institute for Natural Healing.

Welcome to Independent Healing

Independent Healing was founded on the idea that everyone has a sovereign right over their own bodies. And that means having access to all of the cures and therapies available, not just those approved by the medical monopoly.

And to support that right we publish new, hopeful, and science-backed findings from around the world so that our readers can decide for themselves which course of healing they want to follow.

Patty Ashland of Bayshore, NY reports, “I found you right after my cancer diagnosis as I was determined to fight and win without chemo or a ton of toxic stuff. Between the info I found through you and all the knowledge I accumulated myself, I beat cancer without Big Pharma!”

The truth is, the only way to ensure a long and healthy life is to take charge of your own health. To get to the root causes of disease.

So we created Independent Healing to bring the facts directly to our readers. Not just about cancer.

David Armstrong says, “I have used your reports to help me withdraw, over a sensible period of time, from harmful medication for asthma and high blood pressure.”

You simply won’t hear this kind of information from your doctor. For whatever reasons—lack of time, effort, pressures from within the medical community, Big Pharma, and the FDA—he either doesn’t know about them, or he doesn’t share them with you.

And that means you could be losing out on life-changing and life-saving knowledge.

Like details on the forbidden compound I just shared with you.
And the cancer-killing drink discovered almost 100 years ago in a small kitchen in Canada…

Canadian Cancer Cure Recipe Silenced by Governments

It originated with the native Canadian Ojibwe tribes. It could eliminate cancer. But old government threats kept the research under wraps. Now we’re giving you the whole story…

A Canadian nurse named Rene rediscovered the formula in 1922. She’d met a woman who healed her own breast cancer with this drink.

Soon after, Rene tested the herbal recipe on her aunt, who had been diagnosed with stomach cancer and given just six months to live.

“My aunt lived for 21 years after being given up on by the medical profession. There was no recurrence of cancer,” recalled the nurse.

So she tested the drink a second time on her mother after she, too, was diagnosed with inoperable cancer. The result? She said her mother went on to live cancer-free for the next 18 years.

Of course, if that’s all there is to the story, we wouldn’t be bringing it to you. We only report on serious breakthroughs with real evidence they work.

And sure enough, under the supervision of government-appointed doctors, Rene reported that her treatment kept cancerous mice alive significantly longer than any other available treatment.

Universities and the government couldn’t wait to get their greedy hands on her recipe. But she wouldn’t give it up.

“They would have the formula, which could then be filed in the archives and forgotten,” Rene said.

Eventually, the solution landed at none other than Sloan Kettering. Rene sent prepared treatments to their lab. But then the story gets very fishy…

First of all, the results of that study have never been made public.

Secondly, there is a ton of controversy surrounding how the experiment was carried out. According to the story, Rene gave specific instructions that the preparation was to be boiled. But the Sloan Kettering researchers froze it instead!

Dr. Gary Glum conducted an independent investigation of this treatment. He says the information on this effective anticancer drink is “withheld because cancer is the second largest revenue-producing business in the world.”

“Harvard, Temple, Tufts, Northwestern University, Chicago…all of these institutions have tested [it] with the right stuff. They all came to the same conclusions as Rene. But all that information has been buried.”

Even worse? He reports that the federal government issued gag orders to doctors who used this treatment.

The Cancer-Killing Cocktail

One such doctor—Dr. Charles Brusch—wasn’t afraid to speak out. He reported great success with this cancer destroying drink.

Dr. Brusch, personal physician to John F. Kennedy, said, “The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes and ages, with all types of cancer definitely proves [this herbal beverage] to be a cure for cancer. Studies done in the United States and Canada also fortify this claim.”

For example…

  • A case study published in the Canadian Journal of Urology showed one 64-year-old man’s prostate cancer remission was attributed to his consumption of this drink.
  • Another 2006 study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology confirmed it shows potent antioxidant and DNA-protective activity. It inhibited a dangerous type of free radical by 84%. One that is strongly linked to cancer in humans.
  • Finally, research published in the Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine looked at the effects of the drink on prostate cancer cell lines. Not only did it slow the creation of new cancer cells, it also helped immune cells work better. So it stops tumor cell growth and fights back…at the same time.

Here’s the thing…

There are a ton of different recipes out there for this herbal tonic. Dozens and dozens of websites sell different variations.

But my research team uncovered the one company Rene entrusted with her original recipe. In your free report, Canada’s Buried Cancer Cureyou’ll discover who they are and where to buy it. You’ll find out what to look for on the label to know you are getting the real deal. And an even easier way to take it.

Here’s what people, who’ve tried the exact formulation you’ll discover in your report, have reported online:

“A chiropractor friend of ours had a malignant tumor removed from her lung. She refused any type of treatment. The doctors gave her three months and told her to get her affairs in order. Instead she started drinking the [elixir]. Seventeen years later she is still alive and kicking! So the minute my husband was diagnosed with cancer, I called to see if she had any she could loan me…and he started taking [it] unbeknownst to his doctor. Two-and-a-half years later he is feeling better than ever. The tumor has shrunk. And the doctor calls him his ‘miracle’ patient.” – Judy Barton

“I have been taking this along with the chemo since I first was diagnosed with cancer in 2015. I am in remission and still fighting strong!” – Montgomery Erikson

“I bought this for my girlfriend who had stage 4 vaginal cancer. She is in complete remission and swears by the stuff.” – David Hess

But our research didn’t end there. We were able to track down the simple four-ingredient recipe. It consists of…

  • A weed—native to Europe and Northern Asia—that was shown to cause cell death in solid tumors in an animal study. It also contains an anti-inflammatory compound that slows cancer cell growth. In fact, some chemotherapy drugs are derived from this compound.
  • The plant that increases production of cancer-killing T cells. And has been used to help treat harsh side effects of chemotherapy.
  • The herbal remedy packed with fatty acids shown to prevent growth and division in cancer cell lines in animals.
  • The root that has anti-inflammatory compounds that can stop tumors in their tracks.

Each herb on its own is a potent weapon against cancer. But combined?

Cancer doesn’t stand a chance.

We also give you the precise measurements of all of these ingredients. So you could make this cancer-killing drink in your own kitchen.

In short, Canada’s Buried Cancer Cure has every last detail you need. And it’s yours free today when you claim your membership to Indepedent Healing.

What Other Lifesaving Secrets are “They” Keeping from You?

You’d think breakthroughs like these would make it to the front page of The New York Times or be a huge story on ABC News. Unfortunately, that just isn’t the case.  

Which is why I’d like to send you our lifesaving reports The Forbidden Compound That’s Death to Cancer and Canada’s Buried Cancer Cure immediately.

And set you up as a member of Independent Healing right away.

Independent Healing dives into a different health topic each month and gives you specific, step-by-step treatment plans to combat so many of the issues we face as we age. Protocols you simply won’t find anywhere else that get to the true, hidden cause of conditions. Not just the symptoms.

Lawrence Thomas Subscriber Lawrence Thomas confirms, “As a healthcare practitioner specializing in natural medicine, I get a number of natural health newsletters. I have to tell you that Independent Healing has become my favorite. I find stories that I am unable to find anywhere else, and they are all well researched. I often forward copies of articles to my patients.”

You’ll learn how to lose weight, reduce inflammation, overcome diabetes, balance your hormones, prevent and fight cancer, beat back Alzheimer’s, get the best night’s sleep every night…and so much more.

So how much is a one year subscription?

As a reader, you’ll be getting cutting edge, late-breaking research from medical journals and professionals.

A one-year subscription to The New England Journal of Medicine is $179 a year. And a subscription to The American Journal of Medicine is $223. That’s just two journals…at a cost of $402.

Even though my monthly newsletter, Independent Healing culls research from a variety of these publications plus special physicians, you won’t pay anywhere near that price.

Before I say more about that and the health secrets you’ll discover, I want to tell you about one more tool you’ll need in your arsenal against cancer, in addition to The Forbidden Compound That’s Death to Cancer and Canada’s Buried Cancer Cure. And again, I’ll include it as a free bonus.

Secret Cancer Cure… Tucked Away in Mexico?

For instance, the last place you’d think to look for a revolutionary cancer treatment would be just south of the U.S. border in Mexico.

It’s run by an oncologist—Dr. D.—who uses an unusual but remarkably effective cancer treatment.

His protocol involves a simple, two-pronged attack. And, according to an in vitro study in the European Journal of Cancer, it is up to 10,000 times more effective on cancer cells than chemotherapy alone.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Starve the Cancer out of Hiding

Remember earlier how I explained about glucose feeding cancer?

So Dr. D. injects a small amount of insulin into his cancer patients. Blood glucose levels go down. And the cancer cells think they’re starving. Their cell membranes open wide looking for glucose.

They’re desperate for food.

They’ll eat anything.

Including poison.

Step 2: Kill the Cancer

He then delivers a very low dose of chemotherapy—70% less than regular chemo sessions. Because he only has to give enough of a dose for all the cancer cells to eat. Not enough for normal cells to be affected. This means minimal damage to normal cells…and minimal side effects. But death to cancer.

And talk about effective. Here are some testimonials we found from his patients…

“My PSA was 227.  There was a large 80 cc tumor on my prostate and several large tumors on the lymph nodes near my kidney. I had stage 4 prostate cancer. The urologist suggested I start an anti-androgen therapy, commonly called chemical castration. He explained there is no cure. But my wife called a friend. He said to call this doctor in Mexico. I was treated… The result: PSA went down to 0.5. There is no cancer activity and the tumors are gone.” – John Uldrich

“Dr. D., quite simply, saved my life! I will always be grateful to him. I am now totally cancer-free, and all my scans are clear.” – Annie Story

Unfortunately, here in the U.S.—once again—there’s no money to be made in this therapy. Insulin can cost as little as 4% of the price of chemo. The solution is too easy.

But most great solutions are elegantly simple. This combination is too much for cancer to overcome.

And I’d like to send you all the details on this innovative doctor, the studies that prove this works, and—of course—contact details for this cancer clinic in the last place you’d expect.

It’s all included in a report called Starve Cancer Out of Your Body. I’ll send this one as a free bonus too when you join Indepedent Healing right now.

And that’s still not all…

Information That Could Absolutely Save Your Life

Simply click the button at the bottom of this page and you can access your reports in minutes. Of course, as a member of Independent Healing you’re going to get so much more. And you’ll get it all for just pennies a day.

Every month you’ll receive an update—deciphering for you the best research from all over the world.

For example, we’ve done recent issues on:

  • The new science that shows you can live longer and better than you ever thought possible. Your telomere length may determine your lifespan. But these newly discovered cell structures control your telomere length. We revealed 5 ways to fuel them.
  • The truth about memory loss. And why your worst “senior moments” may have nothing to do with your age or Alzheimer’s. The true cause of memory lapses may be lurking in your blood. And we gave seven natural ways to boost your brain—and save your memory—at any age.
  • How one of the most common heart procedures in the U.S. is little more than a profit-making fraud. And we revealed our Heart Rescue Protocol that’s designed to reverse heart disease without drugs or surgery.

The mainstream media can’t cover the latest medical stories as thoroughly and unbiasedly as we do. They would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in pharmaceutical advertising every year. They just aren’t willing to part with that kind of money.

Because we’re outside the influence of the medical establishment, no one can control what we tell you.

And when you join us today on our mission to wipe out cancer, you’ll receive:



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