Democrats Say President Trump Has Dementia. Here’s Why They’re Wrong.

You saw the pathetic Election Day aftermath where grown adults wept… read the nonsensical “not my president” social media rants… and heard any Democrat who could get in front of a camera babble about leading a “resistance.”

It’s sad. Heck, you almost felt bad for them…

But now they’ve reached a new low. Quite frankly, it’s disgusting. And if you know anything about the Left’s agenda… that’s really saying something.

Now that they’ve pushed our country to the brink of civil war, they’re coming for our rightfully elected commander-in-chief.

Dishonest Democrats Target President Trump

Three anonymous (i.e. spineless) Democrats in congress have asked a psychiatrist at Yale School of Medicine, Dr. Brandy Lee, to help them form an “expert panel” to evaluate President Trump’s mental health. According to our sources, this closed meeting is going to take place sometime in September.

If you think that’s a strange request… you’re right.

But not to Democrats.

You see, 27 of them have now co-sponsored a bill to establish a “commission on presidential capacity.” If this bill passes, this 11-person commission (8 doctors, 3 Democratic representatives) will have the power to declare a president “unable to discharge the powers and duties of his office.”

In plain English, it means they want Donald Trump gone. And if this bill passes… they’ll get their wish.


Their panel is going to conclude that President Trump has dementia.

It won’t matter if they have sufficient evidence. (They don’t.)

It won’t matter that doctors on the panel should have their licenses revoked for diagnosing a non-patient. (They won’t.)

And, it certainly won’t matter if there’s actually anything wrong with the president’s brain. (There isn’t.)

It’s something we’ve seen coming for months. And so did Roger Stone. He managed to get the warning message out in the New York Times of all places. “They’re going to say Donald Trump has Alzheimer’s. This is the game plan. Watch carefully,” he said.

That’s exactly what we did… But then we decided to dig deeper and take matters into our own hands.

The Truth About President Trump’s Health

Here’s the thing… There’s NOTHING wrong with the president’s brain. His doctor of more than 30 years confirmed this.

So why publish fake news about Donald Trump’s brain?

As we discovered, it was just the first phase of an even bigger—and much darker—conspiracy.

Insiders are calling it “Directive 25.” And our team of investigators risked everything to expose it.

In the coming weeks, we are going to release an uncensored documentary that reveals this sinister plot in its entirety.

It will be controversial. There’s a good chance the Washington elite will do everything they can to remove it from the web… Gone without a trace.

But it’s critical that you see it—and discover the truth. That’s because “Directive 25” won’t just rip President Trump from the White House… It will put 1 in 3 seniors for a fate worse than death.

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