The Stifled Truth About
“Invisible Cancer”
The FDA approved a test that detects it.
So why haven’t you heard about it?
Now discover one of the most accurate ways to find out if you or a loved one has lurking cancer (HINT: Traditional tests won’t tell you!) And more important – find out ways to beat it.

Dear Reader,

I’m not trying to frighten you…

But the truth is that right now you could have dangerous cancer cells hiding in your body. If not you, then perhaps someone you care about.

Traditional tests can easily miss it.  And you may not have any symptoms… yet. But if left untreated, the consequences could be deadly.

So, then, why would a test that can detect this “invisible cancer” be stifled by the mainstream? 

My name is Angela Salerno. I’m president of The Institute for Natural Healing. And I dispatched my research team to find out exactly why that is.  What they discovered will likely shock and appall you.

Because even though the research behind one of the earliest and most accurate cancer tests is published in respected medical journals, including The Lancet and Cancer Detection and Prevention… almost none of the doctors or oncologists we spoke to had ever heard of it!

This isn’t some obscure, one-time, preliminary research kind of thing either.

A Harvard-trained doctor and neurochemist invented and perfected this test. Over 20 years of research supports it. The FDA even approved it. And it’s covered by Medicare!

I’m talking about a simple blood test that discovers cancer cells up to 19 months before conventional screening tests. A test with a first-time accuracy rate of 95%. Take it twice and that rate jumps to 99%.

This bears repeating. A simple blood test that can detect cancer 19 months earlier than other tests. With up to 99% accuracy.

It could very well be the biggest breakthrough in cancer research in over 30 years. The way I see it, it would be downright irresponsible not to let people know that such a life-preserving measure exists.

Because too many people are discovering cancer in their bodies too late.

For example, in one survey done by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, they found that over 360,000 people were diagnosed with late-stage cancer in the span of a year. That means all of those people had cancer cells multiplying in their bodies and didn’t know it. They showed little to no symptoms. Yet they were growing ever sicker on the inside.

The CDC states that many of these cases were “diagnosed at a regional or distant stage, when treatment is not as effective and survival is worse compared with cancers diagnosed at a localized stage.” 

One type of  late-stage cancer in particular has a five-year survival rate of just 11%. Yet if found early enough, that number skyrockets to 91%!

That’s why I’m blowing the lid off this incredible test. And giving you all the background you need so you can go to your doctor and get it tomorrow, if you like. And – knock-on-wood – you’ll even find out what to do if the test comes back positive.

If this is such a closely held secret,
how do I know about it?

As president of one of the world’s leading natural health alliances, I have access to the top network of independent researchers. 

My staff is plugged into all the major professional journals and research studies. Plus the ones most people don’t know about. We have thousands of members worldwide who are constantly tipping off our team about unpublished stories that should make it to the major media… but never do.

Several months ago I received an urgent call from one of our editors. He had come across the story of Angel, a retired teacher, and later investment broker in Delaware.

Angel had friends who had recently died of cancer. She’d known for years that the tests and cancer screens mainstream doctors offered were ineffective. That their treatments were downright dangerous. After all, she had seen them fail.

So in her free time, she began to research new advancements in cancer treatment. She figured there had to be new, cutting-edge studies out there.

In May of 2000 she came upon an obscure scientific article. The article described a test that could detect the presence of any type of cancer up to 19 months before any conventional test and with 99% accuracy!  

Angel could not believe what she was reading. The article also said there were at least three additional published articles on this breakthrough and that at least one of the studies examined the results of more than 8,000 tests.

How could a test be supported by so much scientific evidence and not be common practice?

If it were really true, surely her doctor – no, the entire medical community – would be talking about it. It would be on the news, on the front page of every newspaper and website in the world…


At the time, Angel was healthy and felt fine. But her age and family history upped her risk of cancer. And she didn’t want to become another victim.

So as a precaution, she asked her doctor about the test. And guess what? He’d never even heard of it. 

And because he’d never heard of it, and a few minutes of searching online hadn’t revealed any answers, the doctor recommended against the test.

But Angel didn’t give up easily. 

Despite his skepticism, the doctor couldn’t find a good reason not to have it done. So he ordered the test. Angel’s blood sample was shipped to a special lab a few miles outside of Boston, run by the same doctor who designed the test.

A few days later Angel got a call from her doctor… the same doctor who hadn’t believed in the test and hadn’t wanted to order it.

Angel’s test came back positive for cancer.

She panicked at first, as anyone would. But then she remembered her research. And the studies that showed cancer could be cured naturally. So she put her knowledge into action.

According to Angel… her diagnosis was so early she was able to…

Naturally wipe out the cancer – without surgery, without chemo, without radiation

And it didn’t take long either.  After just three weeks on immune boosting supplements, Angel took the test again. The results showed…

She didn’t have any traces of cancer left! Nothing.

Fascinating, isn’t it?

But here at INH, we rely on real proof. Scientific evidence. 

We vowed that we would keep digging until we could determine:

  • If the test is accurate.

  • If it’s medically possible to eradicate early stage cancer with immune boosting supplements.

  • If this really works, why aren’t doctors using it routinely?

 Here is some of the evidence we uncovered…

1. Is the test effective and accurate?

We found the research published in prestigious medical journals. Including:

  • The Lancet, one of the world’s oldest and most respected independent medical journals.

  • Cancer Detection and Prevention, a leading journal for advances in early cancer detection.

  • The Journal of Cellular Biochemistry, an independent journal that studies medical advances at a cellular level. 

What’s more, we discovered that the test's developer was not only a physician.  He went on to earn a PhD in biochemisty. 

And this cancer test is not his only medical breakthrough. He also warned the CDC about the 2009 Swine Flu outbreak. He has numerous articles published in prestigious journals.

He has 23 medical patents to his name, including one for this cancer test… one for a computerized method to predict flu outbreaks… and one for safe, synthetic vaccines. 

Talk about credentials. But we needed to vet the test itself. Was the science behind it solid? Did it make sense?

Here’s what we found.

The truth is, no matter how healthy, there are cancer cells in every body.  But a healthy immune system  keeps them in check.

If your immune system is compromised and can’t work as fast, the cancer spreads.  And once it reaches a critical level, it’s almost certain to form a dangerous tumor.

One secret to avoiding cancer – all cancers – is to make sure your immune system keeps the number of cancer cells in the body below a certain level. But until this Harvard-trained doctor began his research, no one knew exactly what to look for or how to measure it.

He knew that when the immune system destroys cancer cells it produces a certain protein. And the amount of this protein in your blood is directly tied to how many cancer cells are in your body.

By studying levels of this protein in cancer patients for more than 20 years, he identified the critical level of cancer cells that your immune system can no longer handle on its own. 

The test that is used to pinpoint this critical level of cancer cells is simple. And our extensive research could not turn up anything more accurate.

More than a dozen doctors had used the test on more than 10,000 people. The results confirmed the test’s unique accuracy.

Which leads us to my next question…

2. Can immune-boosting supplements
really cure cancer?

The only reason you’d want to know you have cancer early is so you have the best chance of curing it with as little effort as possible.

That’s what interested me most about Angel’s story: That she was able to use natural supplements to defeat her early-stage cancer.

Was her success a fluke?

This question took our research team all the way to one of the world’s most sophisticated cancer centers… an elite molecular oncology laboratory in Germany.

The lab’s work has been featured in the documentary film Cancer Conquest, the book Knockout: Doctors Who Are Curing Cancer, as well as in articles in Life Extension magazine.

According to studies done by this lab, nutritional supplements are very beneficial in the fight against cancer.

One of the keys to defeating cancer is to figure out where it originated. For example, treating a cancerous lung tumor is different from treating a cancerous ovarian or testicular tumor.

To locate the cancer’s origin, the German lab takes a sample of your blood. They isolate the loose cancer cells and run a series of tests. Then they can determine which alternative, integrative, and conventional therapies your particular cancer is most responsive to. 

If you’re diagnosed with a more advanced cancer, this lab can run “chemo sensitivity” tests which help ensure you are not being given types of chemotherapy that your particular cancer is resistant to. The lab also offers tests they say can show which natural supplements may enhance the chemotherapy’s effectiveness.

For example, some types of cancer may respond better to chemo when used together with the antioxidant quercetin… Some types of cancer are especially responsive to the compound curcumin… And other types of cancer cells are particularly susceptible to the herb graviola.  All of these supplements are all natural and available online or in a local store.

The bottom line:

Using these tests, it may be possible to beat cancer with natural supplements and immune boosters if you catch it early.

These tests arm you with the information you need to find the best and most targeted chemotherapies to use. You’ll also know which supplements could improve the recovery process and minimize damage to healthy cells during treatment.

Which brings us to the last question…

3. Why aren’t all doctors using this test?

Unfortunately, this time we couldn’t come up with a satisfying answer.

We spoke to general practitioners and family doctors. None of them had heard of these tests. Not one! We spoke to oncologists, too.  Most of them didn’t know about it either.

These are significant, scientific innovations. Yet virtually no doctors know about them.

Who does, besides researchers and the FDA?

The pharmaceutical industry.

Aha. Now it starts to make sense.

Cancer is a profitable business!  Every year it costs its victims $124 billion in treatment and associated medical costs. By 2020, that number is projected to jump as high as $207 billion.

Imagine how much money drug companies would lose if everyone over 50 took this cancer test. If just a fraction of the over one-million people diagnosed each year caught it early enough to destroy their cancer cells with natural, safe, and inexpensive supplements.

And imagine if people with more advanced cancers were able to drastically reduce their chemotherapy.

How many billions of dollars would the cancer industry lose?

Pharmaceutical companies are some of the biggest lobbyists in Congress… They’re among the largest advertisers in the mainstream media… And they’re responsible for funding the “ongoing education” of conventional doctors.

Now I ask you… why do you think this cancer screen has been kept from doctors?

At the end of the day, what really matters is this: What are you going to do to protect yourself and your loved ones?

I’d like to send you a free report on this cancer breakthrough so you can examine it for yourself. In this report, you’ll discover:

  • How the test finds cancer cells in the body (it looks for a type of protein cancer patients usually have a lot of)… and how you can get your doctor to give it to you.

  • Whether you fall into the “high risk” groups that should consider this test as quickly as possible (like people who work in certain industries)… plus who this test is not for.

  • The steps to consider taking if your test comes back positive. You may want to follow it up with the German lab’s molecular detection test.

As far as I know, nobody has ever published a report on this therapy for consumers. By getting it directly into your hands (and bypassing the laborious, sometimes “mysterious” FDA-regulations) we can make sure that this new therapy will no longer languish in the dark.

This is exactly the type of report that makes all of our work and research at The Institute for Natural Healing worth it.

But this revolutionary cancer test is only the beginning.

In a moment, I’ll tell you about a natural cure for heart disease that has allowed some patients of one forward-thinking doctor to take themselves off the heart transplant list.

I'm going to show you how you can gain total control over diabetes and never fear a blood sugar spike or crash again.

But first, if you aren't a full member of The Institute for Natural Healing community, you may be wondering where we came from.

It all started with Mr. Mark Ford, our multi-millionaire sponsor. Mark was no novice to the health world. He had worked as a business consultant to the industry for over 20 years.

But despite his many contacts, he wasn't happy. There wasn't enough good health advice for the public. "The mainstream health industry is filled with myths and bad science," he told me at our first meeting. "And although the alternative press is better, it’s still plagued by bias and personal opinion."

So he decided to create his own independent, science-based research group. A team that would give him honest and up-to-date answers to all of his health-related questions.

At first his reasons were personal. He’d had some health scares himself. But more important, he'd seen too many friends and family members die needlessly. It wasn't just disease that killed them either... They were misdiagnosed or mistreated by conventional medicine.

So Mark decided that his group would focus only on natural cures for every sort of health challenge. 

His researchers would cover the most pressing and dangerous problems like diabetes, heart disease, and cancer. But they would also report on improvements for the more routine health concerns like pain relief, eliminating allergies, and improving eyesight...

The team started with just one researcher. From there it quickly expanded to include three PhDs, three MDs, two nutritionists, three best-selling medical authors, and the publisher of one of the world's largest natural health information services...

How was Mr. Ford able to assemble all these amazing healers?

Simple: Lots of money and loads of high-level industry contacts.

More than 15 years ago, before you could even find a natural health newsletter in the US, Mark worked closely with a health investigator in England. This woman was bravely uncovering the corruption and misinformation that was (and still is) rampant in mainstream medicine.

What she discovered and reported on horrified him.

Doctors, the government, and pharmaceutical companies are spinning the facts to support their agenda.

He found that many medical practices in Europe and America had no proven basis in scientific research.

And I'm not talking about obscure therapies. I'm talking about the most common practices in mainstream medicine today... Including most heart bypass operations, stents, mastectomies, and a ton of other common treatments.

The more research he read, the more obvious it became... Big business and government agencies were in cahoots to promote drugs and surgery. Even where no evidence was available to support it. And they were ignoring or degrading proven natural cures.

But he did find a few brave doctors willing to tell the truth. So Mr. Ford ended his early retirement to help those doctors get their ideas and research out to the public. And he created The Institute for Natural Healing.

His team prepared a monthly report – a dossier, he called it. It had to cover the most relevant, most important, and most recent medical and health information. Not just from American universities and hospitals... but from any reliable and proven research published anywhere in the world.

While he didn't know it at the time, this became the basis for Natural Health Dossier.

Natural Health Dossier is unique among health publications. We are private so we don't have to bow to government interference. We are subscription based, so advertisers don't influence us. And we are unbiased.

We don't care whether a new therapy fits a preconceived theory about medicine. If it comes from a respected source and is backed by serious, scientific proof… If we can find personal evidence that it works, then we bring its complete details to our members.

I recently came on board as The Institute’s new president, and publisher of Natural Health Dossier. And I have to say, the work we do here has been nothing less than inspirational to me.

For example, you may be shocked to learn that:

75% of heart attack patients
have normal cholesterol!

That’s right. Cholesterol isn’t the problem.

A national study by UCLA medical school showed that only 25% of hospitalized heart attack patients had high risk cholesterol levels!

So if cholesterol isn’t the problem, why hasn’t anyone told you that?

Perhaps it’s because the U.S. pharmaceutical industry makes $25 billion dollars every year selling cholesterol-lowering drugs.

That in itself is bad enough. But what is worse is that most popular cholesterol-lowering drugs are dangerous. Recent studies suggest that many of them may lead to diabetes which increases your risk for heart disease--the very disease statins are supposed to prevent!

It’s outrageous.

But it’s not all bad news…

A group of forward-thinking doctors all over America have been quietly working to find real solutions to heart disease – solutions that repair the actual cause of it.

One of these doctors is a New England-based physician who has studied how heart cells work at a molecular level… and the nutritional chemistry that keeps heart cells strong and healthy.

And he uncovered a nutrient solution that could save your life!

Let me tell you the true story of one of his patients…

An amazing recovery from heart disease.

Mary was 79. She had congestive heart failure. It was very bad. When she was admitted to a community hospital near her home in Connecticut she was in a coma and couldn’t even breathe on her own.

Doctors told her son Bob that there was no hope and that he should “pull the plug.”

Instead Bob reached out to every cardiologist he could find. Finally he found the doctor who came up with this surprising solution.

After just three days, Mary came out of her coma…

Within 10 days, she was off the ventilator…

On day 14 she was sitting upright in a wheelchair, using only supplemental oxygen…

Pretty soon after that she was back in the comfort of her own home – baking, cleaning, even rearranging her collection of 3,000 books. All on her own.

It sounds like nothing short of divine intervention, I know.

But the most amazing part of the story is that this doctor cured Mary using a single, natural nutrient!

Stop and think: if one nutrient pulled a 79-year-old woman from the brink of death, imagine what it can do for you!

Well, that’s the best part.  You don’t have to imagine.

You could begin using this miracle compound today to help keep your heart pumping strong for years to come.

And it’s all thanks to this courageous doctor who actually found not one, but four natural pillars of heart health. Ones that restore energy, reverse heart disease, and give his patients a second chance at truly living their best lives.

In fact, he says many of them who were awaiting heart transplants actually took themselves off the list and went back to a normal, active lifestyle!

And before too long, another forward-thinking physician followed the same course of treatment for his patients. And he was stunned!

The number of patients that returned to him for heart problems dropped – to almost zero!

Again, you may be wondering why you haven’t heard about this remarkable solution. And I’d have to repeat the answer: Because the mainstream medical community makes more money by keeping you in the dark.

The truth is this: treating a sick heart with drugs doesn’t cure heart disease. It just means that you continue to suffer the symptoms for years and years. Meanwhile the huge cost of the medication you are taking is making Big Pharma rich.

Reclaim your healthy heart with these
four amazing micronutrients.

What this pioneering cardiologist developed is a safe and simple natural solution that can halt heart disease in its tracks. More important, it can give you back the energy and vitality of a healthy heart!

This four-nutrient “cocktail” goes to work immediately, fueling and protecting your heart – and your entire body.

  • Micronutrient #1 – Providing the Spark: This vitamin-like compound is absolutely crucial for heart health. There’s just one huge problem… your body slows down making it after age 40. It’s no coincidence your risk for heart disease increases exponentially right about that time too.

People who’ve suffered congestive heart failure often have low levels of this nutrient.  One study showed that taking this supplement within 3 days after a heart attack lowers the likelihood of chest pain, another heart attack, or dying of heart disease. It boosts energy production in cells, and it stops blood clots from forming. As if that’s not enough, this nutrient is also a powerhouse antioxidant. If you take it before heart surgery, free radicals can’t do as much damage.

If you’re already on prescription meds for your heart, this is one supplement you’ll want to consider adding to your diet immediately. We’ll tell you why.

  • Micronutrient #2 – Turning Fat into Fuel: This probably goes against everything you’ve heard about keeping your heart healthy. But red meat could help you fight heart disease! That’s right. There’s an important nutrient found in red meat and dairy. And this compound actually turns fat into fuel to help keep your heart beating 60 to 100 times every minute. It may also help keep blood vessels open. With better blood flow, oxygen gets delivered to the heart. And a good oxygen supply allows the heart to work more efficiently.

Fact is, supplementing with this nutrient could prove to be a lifesaver.  Several studies suggest that it may aid in cases of congestive heart failure, arrhythmia, peripheral vascular disease, and more.  Research reveals this nutrient may also lessen injury to the heart caused by artery blockage.

  • Micronutrient #3 – Sweetness in Action: Chances are, you haven’t even heard of this nutrient… yet.  But I don’t expect it to stay quiet for long. I mean, who would have thought that sugar of any kind could be good for your heart?  It is. But I’m not just talking about any sugar.  This one is produced by the body and naturally boosts muscle energy. 

You see, one New England-based cardiologist had treated his patients with micronutrient #1 and #2.  But he knew something was missing.  That’s when he added this component to the mix.  Soon enough, even some of the most serious patients went from “better” to “great.”

  • Micronutrient #4 – The Rescue Mineral: Every organ in the body – especially the heart – needs this mineral. But the body doesn’t make it naturally. And that’s too bad.  Because it helps relax blood vessels, which leads to healthy blood pressure.

In one study, women with a higher intake of this nutrient had a lower risk of sudden cardiac death. And in another, people with congestive heart failure who took it for a year showed reduced symptoms and higher survival rates than the group that took a placebo.

Discover what it is and – just as important – the two everyday foods that could be quietly draining your body of this important nutrient.

Each of the four nutrients offers tremendous benefits. But combined, they have an even more powerful effect on the vitality of your heart cells. One that can return you to a healthful, energized, and active lifestyle.

This is all detailed in the report I want to send you. It’s called A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Heart Disease. It explains Mary’s cure and details everything you need to know about these miracle nutrients.

Along the same lines is this next one that shocked me when I first heard it. Did you know that you could:

Eliminate blood pressure problems
by eating MORE salt?

According to traditional doctors and government "information services," salt is a major culprit behind the epidemic of high blood pressure (hypertension).

By now that’s just common knowledge, right?

Mr. Ford, who’s still the silent figurehead behind The Institute, wasn't so sure. He sent our team a memo:

"For thousands of years, salt has been an essential natural preservative for food. Whole economies have been built around it. Yet now, all of a sudden “they” tell us it's responsible for the high blood pressure that causes hundreds of thousands deaths here in the U.S every year. I don't buy that. Please look into this for me."

We did. And what we found was surprising. According to one doctor who has studied the relationship between salt and high blood pressure extensively, Mark was right to be skeptical.

Dr. John Laragh is the founder of the American Society of Hypertension and the former Editor-in-Chief of the American Journal of Hypertension. On January 13, 1975, he was featured on the cover of TIME Magazine.

According to him...

High blood pressure is rarely the result of eating salt.

What Dr. Laragh found, and what our team at Natural Health Dossier confirmed, is that one of the real causes of high blood pressure is hormones.

When hormones are out of balance, an enzyme called renin kicks in and raises your blood pressure. Shockingly, renin is usually overactive if your body has too little salt!

But this doesn’t give you carte blanche to eat table salt. Table salt isn't natural at all. It has additives that make it hard for your body to metabolize... and it's bleached to give it that nice "clean" white look.

Sea salt is better... if it’s entirely natural. But that’s not easy to find. We discovered that most sea salts sold in supermarkets are heavily refined. And that process removes up to 90 percent of the original healthy minerals that natural sea salt contains.

And get this: the minerals in natural salt that are removed during refining are exactly what your bodyneeds to regulate blood pressure!

It's understandable that doctors would think cutting these bad salts out of the diet should reduce heart problems... but the science shows otherwise.

In fact, an almost 4 year study of New York hypertensive patients showed that the people on a low-salt diet had more than four times as many heart attacks as those on normal sodium diets!

What if eating more salt could get your blood pressure under control naturally and without drugs?

It’s possible. There’s actually a...

"Secret" salt that lowers blood pressure.

Take Sandra, for example.

Sandra was a 58-year-old woman who was on a salt-free diet for five years. According to her doctor, that diet left her hormonally imbalanced. But after just two weeks with this secret salt, she says she felt like her "old self" again. Her blood pressure dropped from 140/90 to 120/70.

It also worked for a 63-year-old man named Jack. Jack was on a low salt diet and hypertensive medication for seven years. The meds zapped his energy, clouded his thinking, and even caused some unwanted sexual side effects. But after just one week of eating the secret salt, his head began to clear. After two months he was able to get off almost all of his blood pressure medications.

Of course, there are dozens more documented success stories with this secret salt. But I think you get the point.

Once again, mainstream medical advice - even advice that seems like common sense - is often wrong. Sometimes dangerously wrong.

If high blood pressure is a problem for you, you need to know about this natural "secret" salt.

And to give you all the details, we'd like to give you our report on this remedy. In The Secret Salt: Normalize Your Blood Pressure in the Most Unexpected Way, you'll discover:

  • How to use 1/4 teaspoon of a gourmet French cooking salt and a glass of water to help control your blood pressure for good (according to the doctor who wrote the actual book on healthy salts).
  • Details on the junk science that started the low salt craze and seven of the university and hospital studies that finally disproved it. (You might need to show these to your friends and family.)
  • The chemical form of salt used to make explosives, fertilizer, plastic, and your dinner? And how to be sure you're getting a real salt and not a processed chemical byproduct.

Imagine lowering your blood pressure by eating more of something you enjoy.

And with healthy blood pressure, your risk dramatically drops for stroke, liver disease, heart disease of course, and cancer.

Unfortunately, it's not just heart disease and cancer that mainstream medicine is mishandling.

Doctors, the FDA, and big drug companies are practicing voodoo medicine in every possible area of health.

It is almost as if their goal is to keep you dependent on drugs and doctors for the rest of your life!

Take diabetes, for example.

Many diabetics are completely dependent on insulin injections every day… sometimes several times a day, just to survive. And it’s only getting worse.
Even the New York Times agrees...

Within a generation or so, doctors fear, a huge wave of new cases could overwhelm the public health system and engulf growing numbers of the young, creating a city where hospitals are swamped by the disease's handiwork, schools scramble for resources as they accommodate diabetic children, and the work force abounds with the blind...

But don’t worry. That does not have to include you. I'd like to show you a way to gain:

Total control over diabetes and never fear a blood sugar spike or crash again.

The American Diabetes Association (ADA), like the American Heart Association, is operating on very nebulous information. Too many of the therapies these organizations recommend are based on flawed or outdated science. And too many doctors force-feed these recommendations to their patients.

But you don't need to scour medical journals (as we have) to know that. Ask any doctor who knows better and he will tell you. Insulin doesn't cure diabetes. In fact, one doctor has made a convincing case that the ADA protocol is making diabetes worse.

Certainly their bad advice about nutrition has at least in part led to a completely unnecessary and extremely widespread plague of Type II diabetes – the type of diabetes that many healthy people get in middle age.

Our research team has discovered a safe and natural cure for diabetes. It comes from a doctor who has studied this condition for over 40 years. As a Type I diabetic, he was his own test subject for his first decade of research.

His pioneering work and advocacy is credited with starting the practice of self-monitoring blood sugar and other essential care steps now used by diabetics around the world.

To date he's published six books on the subject and numerous articles.

He says if you're a Type I diabetic, you could drastically reduce your dependence on insulin (like he did for himself). And some Type II diabetics can get off medication for good.

People from all over the world have had life-changing success with his program. Many of them leave inspiring testimonials and thank you notes on his website.

Like Mandy Rodrigues from North Wales. She said,

"How does one begin to thank someone for saving their life? I was diagnosed with Type II Diabetes in January 2002... following your regime my blood glucose levels have dropped to 6.4 - 7.1... I fully expect my BG levels to fall further over the coming weeks (after all, I have only been on the regime for 11 days!)."

And Pamela Nordick, who wrote,

"I've never been in such tight control of my blood sugars. I haven't been this thin since before being diagnosed. Thank you... for sharing your wisdom with us. I honestly think I might not be here today, if I hadn't found such success..."

We've prepared a report with the most essential information about this breakthrough plan for reversing diabetes.
In this report you'll discover:

  • Why listening to the advice of the American Diabetes Association guarantees that you never totally manage your diabetes. (This "conventional wisdom" among diabetics likely leads to more drug use and complications than any other mainstream advice.)
  • Why following the "6-12-12" rule could completely eliminate the insulin roller coaster and keep your blood sugar in a healthy range. (Even after meals or when you don't have time for a snack.)
  • How following a few simple guidelines could prevent eye problems, frozen shoulders, inflamed legs, kidney problems, and other complications associated with diabetes.

Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks: What the ADA Won’t Tell You was one of the first dossiers that Mark Ford’s researchers brought to him.

And to encourage you to join our community, he has allowed me to offer you all the reports I've mentioned so far, free when you become a member.

It's this type of in-depth, behind-the-scenes reporting that has thousands and thousands of members chomping at the bit each month for their next issue ofNatural Health Dossier.

Because we're outside the influence of the medical establishment, no one can control what we tell you.

The mainstream media simply can't cover the latest medical stories as thoroughly and unbiased as we do. They would lose hundreds of millions of dollars in pharmaceutical advertising every year. They just aren’t willing to part with that kind of money.

If working researchers went directly to the public with their latest breakthroughs, they would face enormous pressure to keep quiet. In some cases, doctors have even lost their medical licenses for publicly talking about their revolutionary and safe cures.

The powers-that-be are too entrenched to allow these discoveries to be widely available. But I think you'll agree,

They’re simply too powerful to ignore.

It is truly information that could save your life.

And you can have all of the details of these breakthrough cures and discover where they're available today.

When you become a Natural Health Dossier member today, you'll receive four free reports on these important medical breakthroughs.

1. Cancer Uncovered: How to Discover and Cure Cancer 19 Months Before Your Doctor Knows You're Sick

2. A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Heart Disease: Re-Fueling Your Energy-Starved Heart

3. The Secret Salt: Normalize Your Blood Pressure in the Most Unexpected Way

4. Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks: What the ADA Won’t Tell You

Click the link at the bottom of this page and you can access your reports in just minutes.

And of course, as a member of Natural Health Dossier you're going to get much more than just these reports.

You’ll also get a new, detailed issue every month, and access to all of our archives.
Some of the secrets you’ll discover…

Protecting the prostate: the small gland with a
big effect on men's health.

Every year 200,000 men are diagnosed with prostate cancer. And 31,000 of them die from it.

According to the mainstream, any man who lives long enough has about an 80 percent chance of having prostate cancer. But we didn’t think that sounded right.

So our research team sought out a doctor who was doing hands-on research. And they found one with stunning, real-world results.

He's published over 50 scientific articles in peer-reviewed journals. And he lectures on his revolutionary techniques across the U.S., Europe, and Japan.

In this issue, you'll discover secrets that this urologist developed to help save your prostate. Including:

  • Why almost all American men eventually get prostate cancer while almost no Asian men will (that is, until they move to a Western country).
  • Why some doctors would rather wait for you to die than deal with early-stage prostate cancer (and the upsetting assumption doctors make that could rob you of many healthy years of life).
  • The little-known test that can detect prostate problems up to a decade before they can become serious or threatening.
  • And more.

But don’t get the wrong idea. As a subscriber to Natural Health Dossier, you’ll find out how to improve more than just your physical health. Here’s what I mean…

Ditch the drugs: the solution to depression
is within you

Depression is one of the leading causes of disability worldwide. The result? More than 118 million Americans pop anti-depressants every day.

But do they even work? Well, they certainly have an effect. Introducing a chemical to your brain always will. But a depression-treating pill that lists suicide as a common side effect doesn't make much sense.

And that’s not all. Anti-depressants are extremely addictive. Once you start taking them, you need close medical supervision in order to stop.

Which is why our research team set out to discover how to treat depression without drugs.

It's based on the work of a "mind-body" psychiatrist who has helped some of the most severe cases of depression imaginable. Including post-911 New Yorkers and Hurricane Katrina victims.

As soon as you become a member of Natural Health Dossier, you'll discover:

  • Why anti-depressants can be as dangerous and addicting as cocaine (and even more profitable for the "drug dealers" who push them).
  • A self-evaluation chart to determine if or at what level you're depressed.
  • Two common breakfast foods repeatedly linked to depression.
  • Why switching to specific types of organic food may be a crucial first step to overcoming depression.

If you're like most of our members, you do everything in your power to stay ahead of your health. You may spend hours upon hours scouring health forums online. Or you may subscribe to three or more free health e-zines.

Since you've read this far, you're already more aware of advanced and effective cures than many working doctors.

This is the kind of information that only Natural Health Dossier subscribers have access to.

As each monthly issue comes out... and with each urgent bonus report... the library grows. One you’ll refer to again and again.

The most recent health breakthroughs, with actual scientific results, are only available in medical journals. Subscriptions to these journals cost hundreds of dollars a year.

But most of that research is funded by tax dollars. We pay for the research, then we're charged hundreds of dollars to discover the results.

That's not only ridiculous, it’s just plain unfair.

Which is why Mr. Ford asked us to make this service as affordable as possible. We find the best cures, validate the findings, and deliver only the most relevant information to you. All at a price that doesn't hurt your budget.

The cost of research that goes into Natural Health Dossier is substantial. As a privately-circulated report, it would probably sell for $400 or $500 a year. But since Mark wanted to make it affordable for anyone

We settled on $98 a year – just over $8 a month. That’s a bargain considering the amount of original research we bring to each issue, the quality of the doctors and scientists on board, and the number of special reports and other advantages that members get for free.

But since we are in a membership drive you can subscribe now for half price. It’s only $49 for a full year's subscription.

For this low price you get:

  • 12 monthly issues of Natural Health Dossier. This is delivered by e-mail and stored in your private members area so you always have access to your issues. When you sign up today, we'll also include all of our past issues in your account as a bonus.
  • Instant access to the four free reports I described:
    • Cancer Uncovered: How to Discover and Cure Cancer 19 Months Before Your Doctor Knows You're Sick

    • A Breakthrough in the Treatment of Heart Disease: Re-Fueling Your Energy-Starved Heart

    • The Secret Salt: Normalize Your Blood Pressure in the Most Unexpected Way

    • Cure Diabetes in 3 Weeks: What the ADA Won’t Tell You

You've only seen a small sample of what you're getting when you join us today.  You will never get a chance to do so much for your health for just $4.08 a month.

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