Clinical research – studies on humans, not mice, rats,
or petri dishes – uncover what may be…

The Secret to
Excellent Health

Studies indicate that this "super substance" can help:

  • Give your body exactly what it needs to operate in peak condition

  • Make you feel energetic, fit, and just plain great day after day

  • Keep all your organ systems functioning at their best so you can enjoy
    total-body health

  • Promote healthy cellular integrity and protect against free radical damage
    at the  cellular level

  • Support your body's most vital, life-supporting system

  • And even slow the signs of aging, to help keep you fresh and young-looking

Read on for details about how this substance can help you
enjoy better health than you have in years.

Dear Friend –

Imagine how much easier it would be to care for your loved ones and enjoy the life you've built for yourself if…

  • you felt healthy and strong from the instant your eyes opened each morning…
  •  you had the energy and vitality to tackle every aspect of your life, every day, in the way you want to…
  • you never had to worry about your own health…

I have good news for you. Robust, vibrant health that lasts for years is entirely possible…

…once you get your hands on one powerful substance that's receiving extensive attention from the scientific community.

More on that in a second. But first, I want you to understand why it's perfectly reasonable to expect…

The best health of your life,
every day of your life!

My name is Colleen McCourt, and I'm Vice President of Essential BioNutrients. I've spent the better part of the past year tracking down the world's best and most promising wellness solutions for you.

During my research, I uncovered something startling.

Most people think that feeling run-down and rotten is just a part of life – especially as you age.  These same people accept age-related mental and physical decline as inevitable.

Can you imagine just lying back and letting the aging process take over? No way!

The idea that optimal health NATURALLY declines with age is absolute fiction!

The truth is, your body is equipped with everything it needs to keep you in tip-top condition for your entire life.

Your immune system's various components – from Natural Killer cells to macrophages to leukocytes and more – are intended to work in harmony to keep your body and all its organ systems working at top capacity.

So if it's designed to keep you in peak condition…
why do you sometimes find yourself
laid up in bed, feeling miserable?

For one thing, you don't live in a bubble. You're constantly exposed to stressors – environmental, physical, and emotional. All those teeming crowds on the subway… The extra hours you put in at work on top of all your regular responsibilities… The hardship of caring for an aging parent or a headstrong child… Even the toxins that lurk in everyday foods and products…

Your immune system has to battle all these and more… and you wind up feeling run-down, worn out, and out of sorts.

That's why you – and your immune system – are always in need of additional immune support.

And you're in luck. Because researchers have pinpointed…

The miracle substance that promotes
exceptional health

Scientific research indicates that one super substance may be the key that finally unlocks long-term good health.

You may already encounter this substance in small amounts. It's called beta-glucan, and it's a type of carbohydrate molecule found in bran cereal, baker's yeast, and some mushrooms.

Studies show that beta-glucans have the power to activate the production of certain cells in the immune system.  These include:

  • Natural Killer cells – your body's "special ops forces" that keep your immune system operating on high alert…

  • T-Helper cells, which direct your immune system to focus exactly where it's needed most…

  • Antibodies that support the overall health and well-being of your body…

  • Macrophages, which engulf and consume cellular debris while helping to maintain cellular integrity…

  • And that's just the beginning.

But fueling your immune system with exactly what it needs to operate at its peak requires more than upping your intake of bran flakes.

We've tracked down a highly concentrated source of beta-glucan known as D-fraction, which comes from a hotly sought-after Japanese mushroom called Maitake.

No other natural substance is more pure and potent than Maitake D-Fraction.

According to a 2009 study published the Journal of Cancer Research and Clinical Oncology, Maitake D-Fraction activates Natural Killer cells, macrophages, and T cells – and suppresses production of other immune cells… Bringing your immune system into perfect balance… And priming your body to respond in exactly the right way to any threat to your health.

Maitake D-Fraction is truly the secret to a robust, healthy immune system that works at its optimum level at all times.

And a top-functioning immune system means that you'll feel cheerful, energetic, and secure in your good health. You'll be able to handle all of life's day-to-day stresses and strains. You'll have the strength and vitality to give your friends and family members exactly what they need.

In other words, you'll be at your best day in and day out.

Face today, tomorrow, and every day
feeling your very best

Knowing the power of Maitake D-Fraction, I knew it had to be at the very core of any formulation designed to help you stay healthy.

That's why I'm so pleased to introduce Prime Immune.

It contains the same amounts of Maitake and D-Fraction that showed significant immune-supporting results in preliminary but multiple human control studies.

That means that there's no reason you shouldn't see the same immune system support that the research subjects enjoyed!

And those results run the gamut from making you healthy on a microscopic level to improving your appearance and more. For instance:

  • A 2002 study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food showed a "dramatic increase in NK cell activity" after the subjects took D-Fraction.
  • The same study showed increased activity of macrophages – the cells that help support cellular integrity.
  • A 1997 study in mice showed that Maitake D-Fraction more than DOUBLED the activity of critical immune cells like Natural Killer cells.
  • Individuals taking both Maitake D-Fraction and whole Maitake powder saw a significant drop in levels of bilirubin – a yellow substance that can negatively affect the immune system.

So you see how Prime Immune – made up of pure, potent Maitake D-Fraction and Maitake mushroom powder – can help:

  • Protect against cellular damage and promote healthy cellular division

  • Support your body's most vital, life-supporting system…

  • Slow the signs of aging, keeping you fresh and young-looking…

  • Support your natural resilience when facing life's health stressors…

  • Keep all your organ systems functioning at their best so you can enjoy total-body health

Plus, Maitake boasts a massive dose of antioxidants – which can help your skin appear smooth and supple.

In short, Prime Immune provides you with everything your body needs to operate in peak condition… leaving you feeling energetic, fit, and just plain great day after day.

Feeling good today? Here's why you'll want
Prime Immune even now…

The fact is most people don't give a second thought to how healthy they are… until they're not.

But I know that, as a Natural Health Dossier reader, you are savvy enough about your health that you recognize just how important it is to protect your health now – before things go wrong.

Look, there's absolutely no reason to spend your golden years feeling run-down and rotten. And now there’s no excuse for it either.

Because you can still enjoy decades of vitality and great health, which means:

  • Freeing yourself of the looming dread of old age by helping to slow down the aging process…
  • Being able to watch your grandkids – and even your great-grandkids! – grow up…
  • Having the energy and vigor to enjoy an active lifestyle with your loved ones…
  • Feeling fully satisfied and content with everything around you…
  • Finally being able to focus on the important things in life…

That's the kind of exceptional health Prime Immune is designed to give you.

365 Days of Excellent Health – 100% Risk Free

I don't doubt that "excellent health" sounds like a big promise.

It is a big promise.  But it's a promise that I fully believe Prime Immune can help you achieve.

If you're skeptical, think about it this way…

  • What if you could simply increase the number of days you wake up feeling great?
  • What if you could cut the number of days you spend feeling run-down and rotten to just once in a blue moon?
  • What if you could spend the rest of your life feeling FIT…VIBRANT…HEALTHY?

Prime Immune will change your life for the better. It will have a positive impact on your health – one you'll be able to see and feel.

In fact, I am so confident that Prime Immune can help you enjoy life to its fullest that I want you to have it absolutely risk free.

Try it for a full year. If at any time you don't feel like it's prompting your immune system to act at top capacity… If you ever feel like you're enjoying anything less than excellent health… Or if you are unsatisfied for any other reason whatsoever, just send it back and I will happily refund every single penny (less a small shipping fee).

A quick and easy solution for long-term health

Some days, you feel so good that "age-related decline" never even enters your mind.

Instead, you fly through the day feeling on top of the world. Full of energy, vibrantly healthy, and full of life. 

Now you can make every day one of those days!

Prime Immune is not a temporary solution. It's not something you pick up for emergencies or use only during this time of year.

It's something you'll want on hand every day to ensure that you are priming yourself for top-notch health for today, tomorrow, and next year.

That's why you'll want to stock up on Prime Immune right now – so you never miss a day and never find yourself without it.

I know there's nothing more valuable than the knowledge that you're doing the right thing for yourself – and your loved ones.

But to make it even easier to stock up, I wanted to throw in a special bonus.

When you order a six month's supply of Prime Immune today, you'll save $59.75. That's like getting a whole bottle for free, and getting free shipping! 

Anything is possible when you have your health

Growing older does not mean you are destined to suffer from poor health.

With Prime Immune, you can help make sure that you can provide for your family for as long as they need you.

  • Be around for the birth of your grandkids and great grandkids… 
  • Enjoy a lively, active life with your wife…
  • Carve the turkey at the Thanksgiving table for years to come… 
  • Jump out of bed each morning feeling energetic and ready to tackle the day…

This is all possible when you have good health.

Don't wait until your health begins to decline to take action.  Make sure that you give your immune system exactly what it needs to keep you healthy NOW… and for years – even decades – to come.

Order your supply of Prime Immune by clicking the button below right now.

To your health,

Colleen McCourt
Vice President
Natural Health Dossier's Essential BioNutrients

P.S. When your immune system has the support it needs to work at an optimal level, you feel healthy and vibrant no matter your age.

Leaving you free to enjoy everything life has to offer…

Without worrying that your health is on the verge of a breakdown…

With the freedom that comes from knowing your immune system will perform exactly as it's designed to.

Don't wait a second longer to see for yourself how fantastic "always healthy" feels. Order your supply of Prime Immune right now.

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