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The Heart Disease Scam
That Generates Over $100 Billion a Year...
And May Cost You Your Life


Hi! My name is Angela Salerno. I'm the Publisher of Natural Health Dossier, a privately circulated advisory on health and medical advances.

Heart disease is America's number one killer. One out of every two Americans over the age of 65 has atherosclerosis - a condition that damages or kills heart tissue and can lead to sudden heart failure and even death.

It's likely that you or a loved one will face this killer head-on at some point in your life. So you need to understand exactly what you're up against... and learn exactly how to protect your heart - and your life.

To do that you have to know how lifestyle choices affect your heart. And what's going to damage it over time.

The big problem is... most of the things your doctor tells you about protecting your heart are based on flawed, outdated theories. So each day you may be injuring your heart a little more... just by following your doctor's advice. And because your doctor is proceeding from a false assumption... many of the things he does to treat your failing heart only make it worse.

Mainstream doctors typically address atherosclerosis with one of three treatments:

  • Coronary angioplasty, with or without stents

  • Coronary bypass or "open heart" surgery

  • Statin drug therapy

Each year over one million Americans opt for coronary angioplasty. 427,000 Americans have open heart surgery. And US doctors write 11.6 million prescriptions for statin drugs - each month...

But doctors - from respected medical institutions like Stanford University and Harvard Medical School - reveal evidence that these treatments are money-making scams that do more harm than good.

When we found out that these multi-billion-dollar treatments were putting patients in harm's way, we sought out answers. It was easy to understand why doctors would continue to prescribe these treatments. Combined, they generate over $100 billion each year for the medical industry.

But why aren't these treatments effective?

It turns out that these traditional options don't combat heart disease effectively because they don't address the disease's actual cause.

No studies prove that any of these options fix the root cause of heart disease.

But published studies do show:

  • Two big reasons why current medical thinking on heart disease is flawed. And why this approach doesn't improve heart health...

  • That doctors overestimate artery narrowing to justify surgery, according to Harvard Medical School.

  • How 30 percent of all heart surgery is totally unnecessary...

  • How bypass surgery kills patients: the death rate has quadrupled in recent years - and continues to rise...

And that's not all. A credible Harvard-trained doctor says three different clinical trials showed coronary bypass surgery only benefits three percent of patients...

One Harvard doctor says, "For almost everyone else... there are no survival benefits at all."

He believes "cardiology and heart surgery are the cash cows of the American health-care system."

And his theory is supported by findings from Stanford. In a study of 900 bypass patients, researchers found that surgery helped at first... but didn't fix the underlying problem. They found that these risky and costly surgeries buy some time... but the problem comes back. And it doesn't take much time to return. In fact, health issues often reappeared in much less than five years.

Conventional Medicine Isn't Tackling the
Cause of Heart Disease

What all that research shows is that conventional medicine is not tackling heart disease the right way.

You may be doing everything your doctor tells you to do to keep your heart healthy. You may be cutting fat. You may be eating a low cholesterol diet. But if conventional thinking is wrong... then your doctor's advice may be a surefire way to damage your heart and send you to the surgeon's table.

Your average doctor will tell you that dietary cholesterol causes atherosclerotic plaque. And that's what triggers heart attacks.

But one of the world's foremost heart surgeons says that's not true. He's performed over 5,000 open heart surgeries and was Chief Resident at Yale University hospital.

He says that targeting cholesterol won't help your heart... because it's based on flawed assumptions.

That's because atherosclerosis isn't triggered by cholesterol.

Now, I'm not saying cholesterol should be ignored. Cholesterol buildup is the consequence of the real cause of heart disease... and that's a serious problem. But once you treat the real cause... then lowering your bad LDL cholesterol is far simpler and more natural than conventional medicine would have you believe.

Misunderstanding cholesterol's role in heart attacks is not the only mistake that average doctors make...

Heart Attacks Are Not Caused by Plaque Itself...

Instead, your own "defense system" is working against you.

I'll explain more in a minute.

But first, I want you to be fully aware of the implications of what I've just told you.

If these commonly held beliefs about heart health are just plain wrong... And your doctor is likely prescribing methods that don't work to resolve the underlying cause of heart disease... what does protect your heart? And how can you take action to protect yourself?

To answer these questions we've gone back to those respected institutions and reviewed their findings... And have discovered the true cause of heart disease.

We can now reveal the best and safest ways to combat it.

We've uncovered:

  • Research that shows how one all-natural supplement is 10 percent more effective at reducing heart-related death than statin drugs...

  • Findings from the National Institute of Health and Medical Research that prove one specific food group reduces heart disease risk by 15 percent in just three months...

  • A Harvard study that shows how one type of exercise drastically slashes heart disease risk...

The Safest Ways to Reverse Heart Disease

A medical professor from the University of California, San Francisco - the founder of the Preventive Medicine Research Institute in California - is the lead author of the revolutionary Lifestyle Heart Trial study. This study shows that a lifestyle regimen can stop coronary artery disease in its tracks. And not just that... it can actually reverse it.

He combined diet, exercise, and an ancient discipline to create a comprehensive lifestyle plan to combat artery disease.

Subjects in the study saw a reversal of their coronary atherosclerosis after just one year.

This professor is not alone in his work. The head dietician of the Cleveland Clinic's Women's Heart Center has come up with the exact foods you need to eat to lower your bad (LDL) cholesterol.

She says, "There really is an abundance [of foods] that are good for your heart."

Her findings are backed up by a study on 4,000 people that was published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition.

The best benefits come from foods in their natural state: as unprocessed as possible.

The foods on her list are all widely available and easy to get hold of. In fact, you'll find them in the produce aisle at your local grocery store.

Then there's one seed that offers a whole host of heart benefits. Researchers who were investigating high cholesterol put this seed to the clinical test. They gave the seed to patients with high cholesterol levels for 60 days.

At the end of the study, they found that the seed:

  • Drops total cholesterol by 17.2 percent

  • Decreases bad (LDL) cholesterol by 3.9 percent

  • Slashes triglycerides by 36.3 percent

The seed contains an essential fatty acid that been shown to improve heart health in several studies. Plus... it contains one vital compound that can lower blood pressure.

But that's not all you can do to combat heart disease naturally, inexpensively, and easily.

Boost Heart Health with These 8 Essentials

A biochemist at the University of California has identified the eight essential antioxidants to combat heart problems. Antioxidants are a big factor in heart health. They neutralize free radicals and help to combat the oxidation of bad cholesterol that contributes to heart disease. Each of these eight antioxidants specifically strengthens heart health.

One of these antioxidants can be found in everyday foods like oils, nuts, and meat. It's been shown to reduce heart disease rates by 40 percent.

Another antioxidant is produced in your own body and provides energy to your heart tissue. The problem is that you produce less of it as you age. Furthermore, some statin drugs actually deplete your levels of it. But you can make up the shortfall from eating certain organ meats... or taking it in supplement form.

A third antioxidant found in some fruits can lower bad cholesterol. A study conducted by the Natural Products Utilization Research Center showed it worked better than a prescription drug in combatting high cholesterol.

But heart health is not all about antioxidants.

Natural Ways to Decrease Heart Disease Risk

One substance can decrease the risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD). Its effectiveness had been demonstrated in separate studies by two of the leading research groups in medicine.

The first study was put out by Harvard School of Public Health. Researchers looked at 46,000 men aged between 40 and 75 and supplemented their diets with this edible component.

The Harvard researchers found that those men whose diet was supplemented with the substance showed a decreased risk of PAD.

The second study was conducted by the National Institute of Health and Medical Research. Again, participants who ate a diet rich in this substance showed a 15 percent decrease in heart risk in just three months.

You can get this heart-healthy component into your diet with 14 specific foods. It's easy to incorporate them into your diet to promote heart health.

They're all available in your grocery store and you'll find most of them in the produce aisle. And because most of them are fruits or vegetables they offer many additional benefits to your health.

Powerful Vitamin Reduces Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke

You can also load up on 10 vitamins and nutrients that lower LDL cholesterol... reduce triglycerides... and improve blood pressure.

So where can you get this vitamin? Your own body produces it. But as the researchers found, most of us don't produce enough. So many people have to get it from their diet or in supplement form. Fortunately, that's easy to do: you can find it easily in the meat and dairy sections of your local grocery store.

Another nutrient helps to form new cells and can improve your metabolism. It can lower bad cholesterol and protect against heart clots. You can find it in several different types of fruit and some specific meats.

And a third nutrient comes from plant sterols that can reduce blood cholesterol. It's found in some specific nuts.

But diet is not the only factor in heart health.

Another big component is exercise...

Building a Stronger Heart

We're often told that exercise is our best weapon against heart disease. Indeed, it is. But mainstream medicine is telling you to do the wrong kind of exercise. In fact... doing this "doctor-recommended" exercise can actually damage your heart.

Mainstream medicine encourages this type of exercise because it supposedly strengthens your heart. But several experts say this advice is flawed. They say this type of exercise puts unhealthy stress on your heart.

A study from Harvard proves this.

Harvard researchers looked at effects of exercise on the hearts of middle-aged men.

They concluded that the so-called "good exercise" is "not associated with decreased coronary heart disease risk."

The same Harvard study reveals a different way to reduce heart disease risk. A less highly-touted way of exercising produced good heart healthy results.

One doctor has pinpointed the best way to engage in heart-healthy exercise. His regimen helps you to use blood sugar more efficiently. It also helps burn fat more quickly.

Researchers from Quebec tested this theory out. They found that people who exercised this way lost nine times more fat than people doing the "old-fashioned" exercise.

There's also another exercise strategy that can improve the function and structure of your arteries. Research shows that this specific type of exercise can improve arterial stiffness.

The research comes from Sungkyunkwan University School of Medicine, in South Korea. Researchers split 100 patients into two groups of 50. The first group had coronary disease... the second group had none. The researchers put them on treadmill tests and measured their brachial-ankle pulse wave velocity (baPWV).

They found a specific form of treadmill training improved cardio health.

They concluded that this type of exercise "may effectively improve arterial stiffness even in patients with stable coronary artery disease."

If you care about your heart... you can't afford to ignore this information.

Real, Research-Backed Solutions to Heart Disease

We're lucky to live in an age where medical information is so readily available. But the truth is, that ease of access can sometimes be a curse. It's hard to know who to trust. It's hard to know what's relevant.

That's why we wanted to make it very simple for you and other NHD readers to get exactly the right information about heart disease.

My research team and I have spent the past eight months creating a comprehensive report that not only exposes the deadly flaws behind modern cardiology... but reveals the best, most effective, research-backed methods you can use to limit your heart disease risk and stay informed when facing your physician.

This detailed research report is titled The Heart Disease Scam. You can get the full report today - delivered immediately to your inbox. I'll tell you exactly how in a minute.

But first, I want you to be aware of another critical issue that could be affecting your health.

My research team and I have identified the crucial contributing factor to heart disease. You may remember I mentioned earlier how your "defense system" is turning against you.

What you may not know is that...

There's a Vicious Destructive Cycle
Happening Inside Your Body

You are constantly under attack... and it's all part of this vicious cycle. Once the destructive cycle begins, you can't stop it. It wreaks havoc on your body... working its way into your arteries... until eventually it strangles your heart.

Why is it imperative that you understand this cycle? Because it is the underlying cause of heart disease.

Cholesterol, as I mentioned earlier, plays a part. But it's not the main culprit when it comes to severe heart problems.

An award-winning, nationally renowned cardiologist has uncovered why the cycle's uncontrollable response is the real problem.

He says damage accumulates and the destructive cycle begins. Your body tries to repair itself... but its attempts only make the problem worse. So the destruction persists, causing more damage until your heart is beyond the point of repair.

Want to blame bad cholesterol? You can. But it's not responsible for escalating the problem.

Think of it like a relationship: Cholesterol starts the argument... but then comes that nasty, over-the-top response... which only makes matters worse. The cycle of destruction goes back and forth... and it won't stop until someone identifies the real cause of the problem.

So what's really responsible for this vicious cycle?

The Destructive Driving Force behind the Cycle Is...

The body's own "defense system." Better known as inflammation.

Why can't your body defend itself against this friend-turned-foe? It may be because inflammation isn't meant to be an enemy at all. It's your body's internal "defense system," after all!

But now it's waging "friendly fire" inside your body... and it won't stop until it gets to your heart.

You see, hidden sources of inflammation are constantly attacking your body... even as you read this. In fact, you should be aware of six hidden "invaders." Some exist inside your body. Others result from living in the modern world. We'll talk more about them shortly.

These risk factors leave you susceptible to inflammation damage. I call it the inflammation invasion.
So why isn't this concept widely accepted? Or more well-known? And how come doctors and Big Pharma continue to push cholesterol-lowering statin drugs?

It's all because of one...

Great Heart Hoax

Doctors and conventional medicine "experts" have been operating under a hoax for years. It all leads back to a "study" called the Framingham heart study.

A doctor and his co-workers had access to over 900 people for the heart study. Their conclusion set the standard for heart health treatment...

They say that the "risk of coronary heart disease in persons younger than age 50 is strikingly related to the serum total cholesterol level."

While they had access to over 900 people, they only examined 281. One other thing: those 281 were all dead.

The findings were selectively gathered. Yet doctors have been treating patients based on this information for years.

The management of heart disease is based on one massive misconception.

Because of studies like this, your doctor probably tells you to watch your cholesterol intake. But it actually makes no difference. Bad cholesterol levels rise because of inflammation... not dietary cholesterol.

You could actually eat 8 or more eggs each day without worrying about your cholesterol levels.

Now that you know inflammation is the real culprit... you need to know how to avoid it. But that's no easy task.

You need to know about the...

6 Hidden Inflammation Sources Attacking
Your Body Right Now

At any given moment, you are swimming in inflammation.

Six "invaders" help push the destructive inflammation cycle around and around. I'm talking about:

  • Allergies
  • Gum Disease
  • Anger and Depression
  • Heavy Metals
  • Pesticides
  • Prescription Medication

You may be wondering, "How do I fend off this invasion?"

You have one ally on your side. It's your body's "filtration system"... and its job is to continuously remove toxins and waste.

Unfortunately, inflammation makes that job tough. And the "filtration system" can only work so hard.

Imagine sorting and separating cans and bottles from a huge bag. It might be a tedious task... but one you could accomplish.

Now, add wadded up tissue, banana peels, gum wrappers, paper shreds, half eaten apples, and all sorts of other trash to the bag. Try sorting the cans and bottles now. It won't be as easy this time. And you'll probably get burned out.

That's exactly what happens to your "filtration system." It sorts through the trash inflammation leaves behind. The trash builds and builds... until finally the "filtration system" can't sort it out anymore.

At that point, toxins and waste start piling up. So your body is even more susceptible to attack. It starts to weaken and the Inflammation Invasion takes over.

Fight Back with All-Natural Inflammation Busters

Fortunately, there are all-natural ways you can fight back.

For instance, a powder discovered by ancient Greeks reduces triglycerides by up to 19 percent. Today it's used as a gelling agent... and it's a great source of one very vital heart-healthy component.

Another all-natural inflammation fighter is a Neolithic Mediterranean oil. A study from a respected medical institute in Israel shows it can help reduce LDL cholesterol "stickiness" by 73 percent. Why's that so important? People with "super-sticky" bad cholesterol have a high risk of heart disease.

You can also use an ancient Japanese supplement combination to help cut your bad (LDL) cholesterol by 41 percent. Better yet? This supplement helps boost good (HDL) cholesterol by 7.5 percent. The Japanese combo is one part blood-thinning enzyme... and another part cholesterol-lowering culinary treat.

In order to make all this information easy to find and put to use, I've put together a second special report called What's Strangling Your Heart? The Inflammation Invasion.

Together with The Heart Disease Scam, you'll be able identify the underlying cause of heart disease... dispel mainstream myths plaguing the treatment of heart disease... and discover real treatment options to keep your heart healthy and strong.

I'll show you how you can get both research reports in just a second.

But first, I want to tell you about an astonishing heart disease tool I came across in my research.

It's a simple test - known only to insiders of the medical community. And it may save your life.

This little-known test is backed by a study from the Journal of the American Medical Association. Researchers looked at nearly 50,000 men and women. They found those with a lower score on this test were twice as likely to die from any cause, including heart disease, as the group with a higher score.

The test is accurate and inexpensive... it's also quick and easy. In fact, it only takes about 10 minutes.

And once you're finished...

You Will Know Your Odds of Heart Attack Death

Imagine finding out your death is imminent... or if you have only a few years left. Even better, imagine being able to take the necessary steps to protect your health and extend your life.

With this information, you can see where your heart stands... and determine if you need to take action to protect your heart.

This test will show you how much leftover time you have ticking in your "heart clock." It's something you and your family should both know... before it gets too late.

I've laid out exactly what this test is, what it does, and how you can get it in a third research report, Discover Your Odds of Heart Attack Death.

The Heart Disease Scam Exposed... Learn How to Build Your Own "Defense System" to Fend Off the Inflammation Invasion

The information in these reports should arm you with exactly what you need to fend off America's number one killer - heart disease.

  • First, you'll learn about three heart disease scams... how you can avoid them... and what your alternatives are. You can find all of this information in The Heart Disease Scam.

  • Second, you'll discover the crucial contributing factor to heart disease. If you can avoid the hidden sources that fuel the vicious destructive cycle, you may hold the key to heart health for life. You can find all of this in What's Strangling Your Heart? The Inflammation Invasion.

  • Third, in Discover Your Odds of Heart Attack Death... in Just 10 Minutes, you'll discover a little-known test that shows you how much longer your heart is willing to work before it retires. It's quick, simple, and affordable. Best of all... it's highly accurate and effective.

Over 26 million Americans struggle with heart disease at this moment. Without taking steps to keep your heart healthy, your chances of developing the disease are high.

Yet mainstream methods for treating heart problems will cost you an arm and a leg. They may even cost you your heart.

Not only are they costly... most treatments have been proven to be ineffective. They don't address the real underlying causes of heart disease.

In order to protect yourself... to prolong your life... to ensure that you enjoy old age in the best health possibly, you need to understand the heart disease myths mainstream medicine is perpetuating. You need to learn why the traditional treatments are no good. And you need real options to keep your heart pumping strong.

That's why I urge you to get your hands on the three reports I've told you about today.

  • The Heart Disease Scam: (Value: $24.95) This 30-page journal is the latest release from our premier line of Directive Series health reports. In this report you'll find out why mainstream medicine is tackling heart disease the wrong way. And why your doctor prescribes treatment that's not just expensive... but winds up doing you more harm than good.

  • What's Strangling Your Heart? The Inflammation Invasion: (Value: $24.95) You'll learn why inflammation is the crucial contributing factor to heart disease. You'll also discover:

    • 10 natural remedies to fight inflammation...
    • 9 risk factors for inflammation damage...
    • 6 studies that bust the cholesterol myth...
    • 1 high-octane heart fuel that can raise your risk of heart disease...

  • Discover Your Odds of Heart Attack Death... in Just 10 Minutes: (Value: $9.99) You'll learn about a simple and reliable test that could save your life... backed by the Journal of the American Medical Association. It's quick, simple, affordable, and effective. And it shows you how much time you have ticking in your "heart clock."

What Is a Healthy Heart Worth to You?

Normally, you'd pay $59.89 to get your hands on all three of these reports. If the information inside could save you even one visit to your doctor, or add even one year to your life, or prevent you from one expensive and risky procedure, I'm sure you'd agree it's a very reasonable price.

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Fully Backed by The Institute of Natural Healing's 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Of course, these reports are fully covered by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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Avoid the Medical Scams...
Take Your Health into Your Own Hands

The only way to take control of your health is to stay informed. These reports are packed with the most accurate, up-to-date, research-backed ways for you to regulate your own heart health.

The common practices we expose show that you aren't safe relying on conventional heart health advice... even from your own doctor. These reports will arm you with confidence to make the right decisions for your health... and find new ways to get your heart in even better shape.

But your heart won't last forever... especially if it's already taken some punishment. So it's imperative that you get these reports now. This time sensitive information could be the difference between battling heart problems for life... or never worrying about them again.

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To your best health,

Angela Salerno
The Institute for Natural Healing

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