Turn Glucose into Energy—Not Your Enemy

Finally curb late-night cravings…reduce post-meal sugar spikes…and power through those afternoon slumps.


Dear Reader,

Let’s face it.

You can try to be on guard for the bad stuff. You can count your calories, pass up the chocolate cake…

But no one wants to have to worry about every single thing they put in their mouth. It’s not practical or possible.

The problem is, when you take in more glucose than your body can manage—anytime you overdo it on sugar or carbohydrates—it wreaks havoc on your body inside and out.

Excess sugar floating around in your blood starts to damage your cells. So instead of providing energy, glucose becomes your enemy.  

If your blood sugar levels are usually perfect, you should still keep a regular eye on them. It’s important for keeping your heart and nerves healthy, too.

That goes for everyone…even the healthiest, fittest people.

And it’s easier to go off the rails than you might think.

On top of all this damage, a glucose spike is followed by the inevitable crash. As your blood sugar nosedives, so does your energy. It’s what causes that craving for a nap at 3pm…and the craving for that sugary afternoon snack—starting the whole unhealthy process all over again.

But not anymore, thanks to a new, research-backed key. The key to helping your body use glucose better…turning glucose from your enemy, into energy.

It’s a specially designed nutrient mixture that may help you…

  • Reduce post-meal blood sugar spikes…so you can sustain the daily energy you depend on.
  • Give your body extra support…to keep blood sugar in the normal range.
  • Improve insulin sensitivity…to help your body put glucose to work for you.
  • Lower your A1C levels…enjoy that feeling of pride as you leave your doctor’s office with encouraging test results.
  • Curb carbohydrate and sugar cravings…so you can feel more in control of your eating habits and ease your guilt.

And so much more. It’s all possible thanks to this one secret. 

Worried about side effects? Don’t be. Unless you don’t like reducing energy slumps…feeling more alert…better weight management…and support for healthy triglyceride levels.

The science shows that the ingredients in this simple blood sugar solution can jump-start your health by helping you have a better relationship with glucose.

Let’s take a look at how it helps you use it in a healthy way. Plus the easiest—and most affordable—way you can put it to work for you right away.

It is:

The Science-Backed Secret to
Keeping Glucose on Your Side

Maybe you have tried different ways to help maintain healthy blood sugar levels. Watching what you eat with an eagle eye…exercising when you feel up to it…

Or perhaps you’ve tried supplements and nothing’s happened? There’s a good reason for that. Often times supplement makers who are trying to cut corners don’t include research-backed doses in their products. Or even the actual ingredients that the latest studies show works. So, you’d be hard-pressed to find a formula that actually does what it promises.

Until now. Scientific research reveals safe, natural solutions that have been shown to help:

  • Keep blood sugar at healthy levels.
  • Improve fasting blood sugar in several human studies, by helping get glucose out of the blood and where it needs to go.
  • Boost insulin sensitivity and protect against free radical damage.

And further research into these results shows that three specific nutrients—in the right doses—support normal, healthy blood sugar:

  • The bright-red element you first saw on the periodic table.
  • The tropical herb found in the forests of Southern India and Sri Lanka.
  • The crystal-like compound used for healing since the 1950s.

How can adding these into your daily routine quickly turn glucose into your ally? I’ll show you…

Feel the Power of This Mighty Mineral

It's probably the most widely-researched blood sugar nutrient on the planet.

Dozens of studies show it supports healthy blood sugar levels...helps  enhance insulin sensitivity... and may even help lower your A1C. A1C is an important indicator of the overall health of your blood sugar levels. So even if you’ve been healthy your whole life, A1C is something you need to watch over time.

Not only that, it promotes healthy cholesterol and triglyceride levels to help your heart.

I’m talking about the mineral chromium.

But as many as 90% of Americans don’t get enough chromium in their diet.

Extra sugars and carbs in the diet can also put you at high risk for chromium deficiency. And it gets worse as you age. A study on 40,000 people showed that as you get older, your chromium levels decline even further.

And not getting enough can prevent your body’s insulin from operating at its best.

But add it to your diet and before you know it—sometimes within a month—it goes to work helping your body use glucose for energy.

Scientists found that chromium boosts the number of insulin receptors on your cells—which helps increase insulin sensitivity. And insulin sensitivity is a must for your cells to use your glucose for energy that works for you.

And not only does chromium help you feel better…there are no known negative side-effects! You can’t say that about much these days.

But there is one more positive side-effect you should know about…

Preliminary research is showing that chromium may help reduce those nagging food cravings.

It’s nearly impossible to measure how much chromium you can get from your diet alone. The USDA doesn’t publish chromium content of foods. That’s why this is one of the most important supplements to take as you age.

Now you may think you can get your chromium from your multi-vitamin. But it has to be the right kind of chromium and in the right dosage.

Some blood sugar supplements don’t use the right kind of chromium either. The best kind is chromium picolinate. It’s more stable, better absorbed, and goes to work faster than other types.

Or they don’t put enough chromium picolinate into each dose. And that makes it pretty much useless.

It’s a problem we saw everywhere. And one we decided to fix.

Putting Together the Blood Sugar Trifecta

My name is Angela Salerno. I’m the president of The Institute for Natural Healing. We’re a privately funded research organization, focused on discovering natural—but research-backed—solutions for life’s most pressing health issues.

When we first started looking in to blood sugar, almost everyone on our team said they knew someone, if not themselves, who wanted to be sure theirs stayed healthy.

And so, as is most of what we do here, our research became personal.

My team looked for a product that contained three nutrients the body uses to help turn glucose into energy for your cells…at the right doses…that didn’t cost a ton of money. And, as often happens, we didn’t find one we’d take ourselves or recommend to a loved one.

So we decided to make our own.

That’s how GlucoGold was born.

Carefully formulated by INH’s Essential Bionutrients division, GlucoGold contains science-backed ingredients at science-backed dosages.

First, each dose of GlucoGold has 1,000 micrograms (mcg) of chromium picolinate. That’s the amount that shows positive results in research studies. Most other popular brands we checked contain just 200 – 500 mcg.

And we knew from our research that if you mix chromium with two other key nutrients, you could have even stronger blood sugar support.


The Ancient “Sugar Destroyer” That’s Stunning Doctors

Physicians in India have known about this herb for centuries. It’s noted in one of the three texts of the Ayurveda—traditional Indian medicine dating back to the 3rd century B.C.

Physicians used it to treat snake bites. They used it in tea to control weight. And they’ve witnessed its powerful effects on blood sugar. Its Indian name—gurmar—actually means sugar destroyer.

And it certainly lives up to it.

It's called gymnema sylvestre. And Western scientists are finally starting to uncover its secrets… 

Researchers at Cornell University found that chewing the herb’s leaves can actually suppress the sweetness of foods. It has a molecular structure similar to sugar. So it acts as a “sugar stand-in”—convincing your taste buds they’ve gotten something sweet when they haven’t. So it fights your sweet tooth at the source.

You probably know how this feels. We all enjoy sweets and high-carb foods. Even if you’ve just enjoyed a filling meal…you still have room for dessert. Heck, you even crave it!

It can be hard to fight cravings. Your brain is telling you not to order that cheesecake, or that slice of pie…or to avoid the cookies in the pantry…but your body may be screaming right back at you to just give in and enjoy…

But these cravings make it hard for you to stick with your efforts to eat healthy. That’s where gymnema may help.

Scientists also discovered gymnema may actually help support the right insulin response to what you eat.

And since each of the 100 trillion cells in your body uses insulin to get the energy they need...this is a breakthrough. By supporting healthy blood sugar metabolism, gymnema fights to keep glucose on the good side.

In one study, researchers watched as patients taking gymnema showed a healthy insulin response. That was followed by better fasting blood glucose and improved A1C levels compared to their starting levels.

What's more, people taking gymnema report feeling more alert. They’re less tired during the day. And they have a better overall sense of well-being.

And that’s still not even all gymnema can do:

Check Box Like chromium, it also helps cut cravings for foods that can raise your blood sugar—like sweets and carbs. When people took gymnema an hour before meals, they ate less of these unhealthy foods.
Check Box Gymnema helps block glucose from entering the intestine. That could not only help keep your blood sugar where it belongs, but also keep those extra calories off your waistline.
Check Box Speaking of your waistline…in one animal study, gymnema “significantly reversed” weight gain in just 28 days.
Check Box Early research in animals suggests gymnema may even support the ratio of "good" cholesterol to "bad" in your body. Just imagine how great you’ll feel when your doctor says that you’ve balanced your blood sugar AND your cholesterol is looking good. 

Gymnema is truly essential for any natural blood sugar solution.

That's why we put a full 400 milligrams (mg) of an incredibly potent gymnema sylvestre extract into every dose of GlucoGold. The same amount used in many of the research studies on it.

Chromium and gymnema, in these powerful dosages, are enough to rival even the most popular blood sugar supplements on the market.

But we wanted GlucoGold to be the best blood sugar support product ever created. We knew that we were making this product for our friends and loved ones…and for ourselves.

So we had to include one more nutrient our research showed is a must if you’re serious about making glucose do a 180° in your body…

The Antioxidant Powerhouse for Greater Insulin Sensitivity

You already know that each cell in your body uses insulin to get the glucose it feeds on for energy.

So you know that when your insulin response—or sensitivity—isn’t in tip top shape…it has an effect on the body, inside and out. Your weight, your energy levels, your motivation…they’re all tied together with your blood glucose.

And as much as the know-it-alls tell you just to diet and exercise…that may only help to a certain extent. You should also use the right nutrients.

Research has shown that one in particular may drive up insulin sensitivity. And I’m talking about studies on actual humans, too, that show this works.

It's called alpha-lipoic acid or ALA.

ALA’s most important job is turning glucose from your enemy, into energy. It kicks your glucose metabolism into gear so that every cell in your body has fuel to thrive.

And even for people whose insulin response is typically what’s considered normal…sometimes cells stay “hungry” because they don’t get all the glucose they need. That’s why we all get cravings now and again. And for some people, that can make it nearly impossible to maintain or lose weight.

That’s where ALA comes to the rescue. It may help increase insulin sensitivity so your cells can absorb the glucose “food” they need.  And they are better able to burn off extra blood sugar.

In one European study of 12 patients, ALA showed an 85 percent increase in insulin sensitivity!

Once your cells are “fed,” your whole body feels satisfied.

You know what that could mean—less need for naps after a big meal, less reaching for that candy bar during the 11 o’clock news...

But despite the positive research, some blood sugar supplements only contain tiny amounts of ALA. If any at all.

We put a carefully chosen 1,200 mg into each dose of GlucoGold. That’s the exact same amount used in the human study I mentioned.

And when you mix chromium, gymnema, and ALA…you’ll feel the energy coursing through your blood as glucose gets triple support.

Your ONLY Complete Blood Sugar Support

The ingredients in GlucoGold work together to fight what—if it’s not working at full power—could be your body’s greatest enemy.

But these three powerful ingredients turn glucose into your ally.

  • Chromium may improve A1C levels, an important indicator of the overall health of your blood sugar. You’ll notice it’s working when your A1C test comes back with great results.
  • Gymnema crushes that sweet tooth to help curb your cravings. You’ll notice it’s working when you have no interest in that that diet-ruining candy bar.
  • Alpha-lipoic acid kicks in your insulin sensitivity to help transport more energy into each one of your body’s cells. You’ll notice it’s working when you realize you haven’t been taking afternoon naps.

Plus for even more benefit, we threw in 225 mg of the soluble fiber, beta glucan. Beta glucan helps absorb water and slow digestion. So it helps the body limit how fast sugar hits your bloodstream. Not only that, it could help balance after-meal spikes.

This special form of beta glucan also provides powerful support to overall health. It actually helps balance the immune system so that it works smarter. And beta glucan’s antioxidant strength helps fight free radical damage. To help you stay young and healthy inside and out.

With this team of bodyguards on your side, feeling good through every day is practically inevitable.

We want to be absolutely certain that GlucoGoldis the best blood sugar supporter out there. So we went to extreme lengths.

We believe that without this critical step, you could be wasting your money on any other product you take...

The Patented Liquid-Filled Capsule That Makes Other Blood Sugar Supplements Obsolete

Every dose of GlucoGold comes in a patented, liquid-filled, vegetarian capsule.

This delivery system preserves freshness, potency, and protects nutrients. So unlike other supplements you buy, every capsule of GlucoGoldis specifically designed to deliver support you can count on. 

But our patented capsule is just the beginning. It’s what’s inside the capsule that really makes this the most effective blood sugar solution available.

You see, the nutrients in GlucoGold are already dissolved. They’re ready to start working the moment they enter your system.

The better a nutrient is absorbed, the more power it can deliver. It’s especially critical as we age, since our digestion may not be as strong as it once was.

That’s why each capsule of GlucoGold contains a tiny "freshness bubble" inside. It stirs up the liquid ingredients to help maintain their potency.

These gel caps are a true breakthrough in nutrient delivery. You can even see the difference when you look at them.

GlucoGold truly is:

The New Gold Standard for Maintaining Healthy Blood Sugar

No other product that we know of gives you such a powerful combination of ingredients in such a scientifically advanced delivery system.

GlucoGold gives you everything you need to turn glucose from your enemy to life-giving energy. In a unique, patented, easy to take liquid capsule.

In fact, we're so sure that our formula is the most potent and complete natural blood sugar support you can find, we’re giving you our…

Absolute Lifetime Guarantee.

It's got to be...

The BEST Blood Sugar Solution You've Ever Tried—or it's FREE

That means you can try GlucoGold and if for any reason you decide it’s not for you—you don't feel a difference in your energy and alertness…your cravings…your well-being…or any other reason—simply give us a call for a fast refund (less shipping). It doesn’t matter if it’s been one week…one month…or even one year.

100% Money Back GuaranteeYou’ve got all the time you need to see what you think. No small print, no strings, no questions. Just a RISK-FREE GUARANTEE. You can feel confident knowing that you’re completely covered.

If you were to buy each of these supplements separately, you’d pay over $118 to get everything we pack in to one bottle of GlucoGold. And you still wouldn’t get all of the same science-backed dosages or ultimate capsule delivery system.

We spent the extra money to get the top nutrients—the right kinds, in the right doses—to put into GlucoGold.

Yet you can get a one month supply of GlucoGold for less than half of that. Now you can cheaply put yourself on the path to a life that isn’t run by what you can and cannot eat or how many naps you need to take a day.

And when you order your supply today, it gets even better…

Once you try GlucoGold, you’ll never want to live without it. As you start feeling and looking better you’ll want to make sure you always have a ready supply on hand. And we designed our E-Z Ship option to make sure you will. E-Z Ship secures you the lowest price per bottle and FREE SHIPPING for as long as you want it.

With this totally free—and optional—service, you get a fresh supply of GlucoGold every 1, 3, or 6 months—whichever you specify when you order. You never have to worry about running out or re-ordering. We take care of everything. Shipping is always FREE.

And you get to lock-in today's low price for as long as you're enrolled. No matter how much our cost to make GlucoGold may go up, or how much others may pay for it in the future.

You can change, suspend, or cancel this totally free service anytime, no questions asked.

With E-Z Ship, you can save over $80 in shipping costs your first year alone!

Put an End to Those Quick-Fixes—Maintain Healthy Blood Sugar!

It's time to enjoy life—without worrying about your blood sugar.

Our RISK-FREE GUARANTEE allows your mind to rest easy while you…

  • Enjoy youthful energy again. Start making the most of your days, hobbies, trips, socializing, and the activities you love. Instead of just dreaming about it.
  • Start relishing your meals again, without worrying about those occasional indulgences, or forcing down boring, tasteless foods.
  • Keep control of your blood sugar once and for all.

GlucoGold is the spark that ignites everything you need to...

Check Box Minimize blood sugar spikes—for all-day energy that doesn’t slump after every meal. Imagine being able to get through dinner and a movie!
Check Box Naturally support your insulin production—so glucose can feed your cells instead of build-up in your blood stream.
Check Box Crush your cravings for sugary and fatty foods—so you can look great, feel light, and be excited to take family pictures again.
Check Box And absorb ALA, chromium, gymnema, and beta-glucan faster—so that all of their powerful blood sugar support can start working for you immediately. 

Once you accomplish all that, I guarantee you'll feel younger and healthier. You’ll have a brighter outlook on life. And you’ll feel more confident every single day.

Plus, you'll have the peace of mind of knowing you're taking positive steps to protect your health well into the future. Remember, you are in control of your body and how you live your life.

Just click the button below to get started. You'll be glad you took this giant step toward healthy blood sugar. I can’t wait to hear how well it works for you!

In Good Health,

Angela Salerno
Angela Salerno
President, Essential Bionutrients
A division of The Institute for Natural Healing

P.S. Everyone wants healthy blood sugar, better cholesterol, normal A1C levels…and help with sugar cravings. So as you can imagine, supplies of GlucoGold are very limited. That’s why you should secure yours right now. And with our 100% ironclad guarantee, you never risk a cent for trying it. If you’re not thrilled, just give us a call anytime and we’ll refund your entire purchase price (less shipping). You have nothing to lose—just a healthy life full of freedom to gain.

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