The Billion-Dollar Lie Giving You Melanoma… And Six Ways to Prevent This Deadly Cancer

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The CDC is once again trying to scare you out of the sunlight. This time, they’re using a report showing the rates of melanoma—the deadliest skin cancer you can get—have doubled in the last three decades. And they’re saying the sun is to blame for more than 90% of these cases.

If you take their “expert advice” at face value… Your risk for melanoma won’t get any lower. In fact, you’ll be making yourself more likely to develop it…and 15 other cancers.

In this month’s issue of Independent Healing, we’ll show you why the mainstream advice you’ve heard your whole life is doing more harm than good… And how to turn the sun into your best tool for preventing melanoma…

We’ll also reveal...
  • Why melanoma is the only type of skin cancer you really need to worry about… And why avoiding regular exposure to natural sunlight is making you over 80% more likely to die of it.

  • How getting the right amount of exposure to this “deadly” form of UV radiation could add two healthy years to your life... And the industry raking in more than a billion dollars every summer by keeping this information out of your hands.

  • Our Melanoma Shield Protocol for protecting your family from melanoma—and unlocking the health-boosting power of the sun—in six easy steps. Like the seven nutrients you need for protecting your skin from DNA damage… And the “ABCs” secret to spotting a melanoma long before it ever puts you in danger.

  • You’ll also have access to our audio interview with Dr. William Grant. He’s the founder and president of the Sunlight, Nutrition, and Health Research Center (SUNARC). Dr. Grant is also the science director of the Vitamin D Council. A former NASA physicist, his groundbreaking research on sunlight and human health blew the lid off the melanoma-sun myth. He’ll reveal why you can’t trust the CDC when it comes to what causes melanoma… And how these “deadly” rays can lower your risk for 15 different cancers.
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All this—and more—is waiting for you inside.


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