How to Pain-Proof Your Body… And Six Ways to Conquer it Without Surgery

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My managing editor, Joe Zagami, spent years of his life living each day with chronic pain. His was the result of a minor accident. Yours could be coming from joint issues or infection… But it may not have an obvious cause. It might not put your life in danger. But it will keep you from living yours the way you want to…and force you to give up the things you love. Golfing. Hiking. Teaching your grandson how to throw a perfect spiral. Dancing with your wife. Chronic pain can keep all of these things just out of reach. In this issue of Independent Healing, we’ll show you how to eliminate the chronic pain from your life—regardless of what’s causing it...and get back to living your life without compromise. In it you’ll discover...
  • How years of failing to fix his chronic pain led Joe to the one little-known treatment that could…and how it helped restore full mobility to his shoulder when surgery couldn’t.

  • Why the medical industry’s most advanced artificial joints aren’t much better than scrap metal…and the controversial natural procedure that has 73% of patients—even Olympic medalists—returning to full activity in a matter of hours.

  • Our proprietary Natural Painkiller Protocol for eliminating—and preventing further—chronic pain in six steps or less. Like the seven natural pain remedies that put NSAIDs to shame…and the one activity your doctor doesn’t want you doing—that can keep you pain-free into your 80s.

  • Finally, you’ll have access to our exclusive audio interview with Dr. Wayne Broth. He’s a spinal consultant to two of Newsweek’s premiere orthopedic clinics. Eliminating pain is his life. And he’s sharing how he does it…like the one food you aren’t eating enough of that may be able to stop pain in its tracks.
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