Harvard Doctor Reveals the Secret Root of All Cancers…and Five Ways to Reduce Your Risk Every Day

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There’s a common thread all cancers share. It exists inside your body right now. Learning how to control it is the tipping point between a fight for your life against cancer… Or never having to face it. Yet most people have no idea it even exists. You never hear about it. In this issue of Independent Healing, we’re revealing cancer’s secret lifeline. We’ll show you how to take control of it… And create an environment in your body where the disease could never survive. You'll discover...
  • The microscopic cancers your body fights off every day… And how the 60,000 miles of blood vessels in your body determine if they ever grow into a threat big enough to threaten your health—or for your doctor to even find.
  • Why the 30+ natural cancer-killers revealed in a Harvard-trained doctor’s viral video leave Big Pharma’s drugs in the dust… And how they tame the one factor that can grow a tumor 16,000 times bigger in less than a week.
  • How a quiet lab discovery in 1971 led to 106% longer survival times for late-stage cancers three decades later… And why a Nobel laureate’s quote in the New York Times helped create some of Big Pharma’s most profitable drugs to date.
  • INH’s proprietary, five-step protocol for activating your body’s most powerful anti-cancer weapons… And lowering your risk in 24 hours (I’m doing step three right now as I’m writing this).


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