The Real Cause of Hearing Loss… And 10 Easy Ways to Stop it Today

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The medical industry has led us to think hearing loss is natural. But despite what your doctor says, it’s not a normal part of aging. More than 50% of people over 75 never experience hearing loss. In this issue of Independent Healing, we’re uncovering what really eats away at your hearing (it’s not what you think) to fix it before it’s even a problem…and how to reverse damage already done. You’ll discover:
  • Why it’s more than just loud noises jeopardizing your hearing... Find out the four types of medication—including one you may have already taken today—putting your ears at even greater risk… And how just two doses of the medical industry’s favorite OTC cure-all can increase your risk of hearing loss by up to 99%.
  • INH’s proprietary Perfect Hearing Protocol. In 10 easy steps, we’ll help you avoid ever needing a hearing aid in the first place. Our comprehensive blueprint gets to the root cause of hearing loss (the one your doctor never even considered). For example, step six shows you the common food to eat just twice a week that could lower your hearing loss risk by 42%. Find out what it is and why it’s so effective.
  • How to activate your body’s anti-aging protein in under 24 hours. This simple solution doesn’t cost a thing. But it helps erase inflammation, control blood sugar, normalize blood pressure, and could save your hearing.


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