Your Guide to Building Impermeable Immunity—And Surviving the Holiday Season’s Assault on Your Health

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It’s official. The holidays are upon us. And along with the parties and great food comes a full-on attack on your health. That’s why we’ve dedicated this month’s Independent Healing to uncovering the secret dangers that sabotage your body’s vital defense systems. We’ll tell you how to naturally conquer jetlag and travel fatigue. We’ll even reveal how to prep your body for the festivities—without the weight gain or hangover. You’ll also discover…
  • The five most common (and sneaky) places germs lurk…and how you can avoid them. You run into these threats every single day. Prepare to be shocked—and disgusted.
  • The uncensored truth about Ebola…and how to protect yourself from it. We went straight to Dr. Deborah Gordon. She’s a leading physician and member of our advisory panel. She shares her six personal tips for staying healthy… And one important travel warning that could mean the difference between life and death.
  • Finally, we reveal our proprietary Impermeable Immunity Protocol. You’ll discover the supplements and vitamins you need to take (including one that prevents hangovers!)…what form you should take them in…and even when you should take them.
Consider it your personal blueprint for making it through this holiday season without so much as a cold—and with more energy for the moments that matter most.


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