How to Eliminate the REVOLTING Secret Keeping You Sick—And Start Building a New Body in 30 Days

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A quick word of warning... This month's Independent Healing may be the most shocking—yet most important—issue you've read yet. Hippocrates believed proper digestion and metabolism to be the foundation of good health. And studies prove that efficient digestion isn't something you can live without for long. It's how your body eliminates waste. Yet the average person spends little—if any—time thinking about theirs. That's a dangerous mistake. That's why this month we give you an in-depth look at digestion, toxins, and elimination. One that you won't find anywhere else. You'll also discover...
  • How your digestion determines your body's ability to eliminate toxins. It might be your only indicator of a condition that can erase healthy years from your life.
  • How your doctor could try to reverse the toxic conditions in your body by creating even more. We'll show you how one woman's diagnosis almost killed her—and the seven warning signs that could've saved her sooner.
  • How removing the one “healthy” food your doctor is telling you to eat more of—and four other dietary changes—can all but eliminate your risk for digestive problems or worse... And how cutting out these five food additives can start toxin-proofing your body today.
  • Finally, we reveal Independent Healing's proprietary Toxin Flush Protocol. It's your solution for preventing—even reversing—waste buildup and bowel inflammation. You'll be on your way to a toxin-free body in under a month.


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