Your Game Plan for Rapid Regeneration… And Saving Your Body’s Biggest Supporter

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It’s the largest—and hardest-working—internal organ in your body. Ancient cultures thought it was the seat of the soul... And the very source of your life force. Your liver. It weighs about three pounds. Without this unique organ your body would be defenseless against any threat. In this issue, we’ll reveal why your liver health is one of the most important factors in living a long, active life. Perhaps just as important as supporting a healthy heart. In this month’s Independent Healing:
  • We’ll reveal a common—life-threatening—liver problem that affects about a third of people in Western countries. And if you think it doesn’t affect you because you don’t drink? Think again.
  • You’ll discover the most dangerous—and overlooked—threats to your liver, including one that your doctor may be forcing on you… And how a common medical misconception may be putting your life at risk.
  • We tell you about the cutting edge device that is less invasive than current liver tests. It detects problems sooner, before they fully develop. Yet most doctors don’t know it exists.
  • Above all, you’ll be armed with our proprietary Rapid Regeneration Protocol for putting it all into action… And reclaiming your liver today. It’s your foundation for unstoppable energy, improved immunity, and a toxin-free environment that could add untold healthy years to your life.


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