Ease Heartburn, Soothe Your Stomach, and Never Suffer from Reflux Again—Without Taking a Single Antacid

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Cramping… Pain… Burning… Not to mention embarrassing—and foul—burps. Don’t chalk it up to indigestion. These symptoms may point to something much worse.

It’s called gastrointestinal reflux disease. GERD for short. Almost one-third of adults in the U.S. experience it at least once a month. Some have symptoms several times a week. But others feel it every day. Most of the symptoms are pretty straightforward. But others can be chronic, nagging, “mystery” symptoms. And it’s more serious than you think…

In this month’s issue of Independent Healing, we’ll take a close look at this misunderstood condition. You’ll discover…

  • How, despite what you’d think, having too little acid could actually trigger this condition. And of course, what to do about it.
  • The simple trick for easing your symptoms in less than two minutes… And how what you drink—and when—can make you look forward to enjoying meals again.
  • The new outpatient procedures that are helping sufferers decrease—or eliminate—their symptoms without ineffective (and dangerous) drugs. And we’ll tell you about the common—and invasive—tests for diagnosing this condition…plus why they aren’t even worth your time in most cases.
  • Finally, we reveal our Reflux Eraser Protocol. It will help alleviate symptoms naturally and let you regain your digestive health… While avoiding cancer and ulcers
  • Plus so much more…

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