Canadian Cancer Curing Recipe Silenced by Governments

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What if we told you that a miracle concoction exists? And we have the recipe. It’s an herbal tea from native Canadian Ojibway Indians. And it could eliminate cancer. But old government threats kept the research under wraps. Now we’re giving you the whole story…

Dr. Jessica Ottenweller led a recent study on the tea. She graduated from Indiana University School of Medicine. She now practices at Lutheran Health Network in Fort Wayne, Indiana. The study was a joint effort. The Department of Biology, Indiana University-Purdue University Fort Wayne partnered with the Department of Chemistry, Indiana University. It was published in The Journal of Alternative and Complementary Medicine.

The goal of the study: “to assess the ability of [the tea] extracts to modulate cancer cell proliferation and immune responsiveness.”

The Story Behind the Tea

A Canadian nurse rediscovered the formula in 1922. And she treated patients with it at her clinic for free. She claimed to heal hundreds of people with cancer and other chronic diseases. Her name was Rene Caisse.

She’d heard about the tea from an old woman who’d been cured of breast cancer. This woman told Caisse that an Ojibway medicine man had shown her herbs to make a special tea. He told her to drink it every day. And that’s what cured her. The woman was 80… and had been cancer-free for years.

Caisse worked with a major Boston hospital to conduct testing on the tea. This led to a meeting with Dr. Charles A. Brusch. He was John F. Kennedy’s personal physician. He’s received many awards for excellence in the medical field. He started the Brusch Medical Center in Cambridge, Massachusetts. And he staffed it with physicians from Harvard, Tufts, and Boston University.

After working with Caisse, Dr. Brusch was diagnosed with colon cancer. He treated himself with the tea alone. And it worked.

The tea is called Essiac. And it bears the Caisse name… in reverse.

Essiac vs. Prostate Cancer Cells

Essiac has many variations. Dr. Ottenweller focused on Canadian Essiac tea extracts.

Her study compared a noncancerous cell line to a cancerous cell line. The cells were isolated “to examine proliferation responses mediated by the addition of an Essiac preparation.”

When Essiac was present, cell production decreased for both noncancerous and cancerous groups. But even more happened in the cancerous cell group. The inhibition of the prostate cancer cell lines was higher than in the noncancerous group.

These results suggest “that Essiac may have a more selective effect on cancer cells than transformed cells.”

Essiac can also enhance immune response. So it stops tumor cell growth and fights back… at the same time.

Cancer Cure Suppressed by the Government?

Dr. Brusch was the first doctor to treat patients with Essiac. And he began studying it in depth. He put 10 years into research.

He concluded, “The results we obtained with thousands of patients of various races, sexes, and ages, with all types of cancer, definitely proves Essiac to be a cure for cancer. Studies done in laboratories in the United States and Canada also fortify this claim.”

Yet despite the extensive research performed by Dr. Brusch and others, the tea is not officially recognized as a cancer treatment.

Why would such a promising natural therapy be kept from the public?

Dr. Gary Glum worked with many professional and Olympic athletes. He developed a Neuromuscular Reeducation technique to heal soft tissue injuries. Glum discovered Caisse’s work through a friend. He wrote a book about her titled Calling of an Angel.

In an interview with Wildfire Magazine, he explained why Essiac isn’t recognized by the government as a cancer cure: “The information is withheld because cancer is the second largest revenue producing business in the world.”

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Glum tells how the federal government issued a gag order on Dr. Brusch. That’s why his research never became public knowledge. He claims they told Dr. Brusch, “You’ve got one of two choices, either you keep quiet about this or we’ll haul you off to a military prison and you’ll never be heard of again.”

Dr. Glum concluded, “Harvard, Temple, Tufts, Northwestern University, Chicago – all of these institutions have tested Essiac with the right stuff, and they all came to the same conclusions as Rene Caisse. But all that information has been buried.”

Fortunately, you can brew your own supply of this cancer-fighting tea.

The Essiac Recipe

Essiac tea has four components. The herbs are burdock root, slippery elm inner bark, sheep sorrel, and Indian or Turkish rhubarb root.

Burdock root reduces mucus and stimulates the immune system. It contains vitamin A. It also has selenium, an antioxidant that reduces free radicals. And chromium, which helps maintain blood sugar levels.

Slippery elm bark soothes the organs. It helps dissolve mucus deposits. And it’s rich in calcium, magnesium, and vitamins.

Sheep sorrel helps maintain healthy kidneys. It contains many vitamins and minerals. These include ascorbic acid, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus, potassium, silicon, rutin, and mineral oxides. (Dr. Glum says this is the herb that destroys cancer cells.)

Rhubarb root helps remove toxic waste buildup in the liver. It neutralizes acids. It also helps carry healing oxygen through the body. It balances the entire digestive system.

You can brew your own Essiac tea. But you have to be careful. You need the right amount of each ingredient for it to be effective.

The suggested recipe comes from Rene Caisse’s best friend. Her name is Mary McPherson. And in a sworn affidavit, recorded in Ontario, she revealed the formula:

Essiac Tea Recipe

  • Burdock Root (cut) – 6 ½ cups or 24 ounces
  • Slippery Elm Bark (powder) – 4 ounces
  • Sheep Sorrel (powder) – 16 ounces
  • Rhubarb Root (powder) – 1 ounce

Use two gallons of water for every eight ounces of dry ingredients. Boil for 10 minutes. Leave covered on the stove for 6 to 12 hours.

Essiac extract is a registered trademark in Canada. You can find it in a bottle at health food stores.

Rene Caisse recommended one ounce of Essiac extract with two ounces of water. That’s considered a very mild dose today.

The American Cancer society won’t recognize Essiac as a cancer cure. But it does say “some of the specific herbs contained in the mixture have shown some anti-cancer effects in laboratory experiments.” They say a typical dose is one ounce, one to three times a day.

To your best health,

Michael Jelinek,
NHD “Health Watch”

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  1. The directions for the recipe are unclear.

    “Boil for 10 minutes. Leave covered on the stove for 6 to 12 hours.”

    So … after it has boiled for 10 minutes … we cover the pot … and turn the heat off totally? Or leave it on simmer? Or ?

    1. Author

      You would turn the heat off totally… Then you leave the covered pot sitting on the stove for up to 12 hours. After, you can reheat (but don’t boil) to drink the tea. Hope that clears it up for you.

      Let us know what you think of it if you make it!

  2. I was diagnosed with prostrate cancer six years ago. I started on Chile pepper extract, which I made my self from habenero peppers and 80 proof vodka and let set from moon to moon, apple cider vinegar, and graviola, also a whole list of supplements. My last cat scan no cancer! But when I went to the doctor to learn the results, even though there was no sign of the cancer, he prescribed a chemo drug, side effects being: hair loss, stomach enlargement, breast enlargement, headaches, nausea, ad nauseum. I have not nor will I take any type of chemo period. I firmly believe that you can take care of yourself if you know what you are doing and search, search, search for answers that the main stream does not know or are hiding.

  3. Well.. No doubt it is great source of getting health benefits in serious illness but still it not approved by FDA. Also there are several manufacturer that are providing essiac products with claiming several health benefits so it is hard to choose right products. Wrong products may effects negatively on health so there is need to consult with a physician before consuming to avoid its extra side effects on health. I would recommend a link of ESSIAC Formula Manufacturer

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